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User:pinkish_candii (142512)
Location:Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:Nerdy Samm (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:rock_my_socks16 (Add User, Send Message)

SAMANTHA ( Sah - Man - Thuh ) Yes as you see my name is Samantha Aubrey. I am seventeen years old + I live in Pennsylvania. I have brown hair / blue eyes / 5`5". I am currently dating a wonderful guy. I love him to death, words can`t even show you my love for him. It has been 10 monthes now + I can`t wait unil our year anniversary. I love you so much Marc <3

Friends are for life Friends are very important to me. If I didn`t have them, i have no idea where I would be in my life, probably alone, lost ;] I love you guys! Marc <3 (Sexy Stud) / Holly (Nerdy Hol) / Trey (Big Bro) / Ryan (Redneck Gunit) / Mack (MRS. GRUMPY GILS rofl) / Eric / Gabby / Mike / Sam / Megan / Mchenze / Sean / Mike / Jeffy / <33

Likes; Marc ; Shopping ; Phone ; Aol ; Hugs ; Kisses ; Food ; Laughing ;Comedy ; Anklets ;Blurty ; Friends ; Ashton Kutcher ; Kenny Chesney ;Punk/Emo ; Love ; Water ; Bubble Baths ; Field hockey ; Sleeping ; Christmas ; Smiles ; Beach; Cuddling ; Being in Love ; Cold Chilld Milk at Night ; Sweet Dreams ; etcc <3

Dislikes; Liars ; Cheaters ; Players ;Snots ; Fakes ; Snakes ; Spiders ; Farting ; Depression ; Perverts ; Clowns ; Rap ; Carrots ; Hackers ; Messyness ; Pain ; Crying ; Jockers ; Cockiness ; Pick Up Lines ; Authority ; Death ; Planes ; Long Lines ; Waiting for hours ; Fighting w/ the people you love ; etc <3

Blurty/Contacts/Ty`s Yes my blurty is friends only, only because I don`t like the world outside of blurty to be reading my personal things. ;] If you want to be added, just add me first, comment me, + no shit talking <3 ;D I have a couple different screen names you can email/IM me at ;D <3 They are ; Nerdy Samm . Me Ghetto Shoes . Ioves marc . I pinki x sam I Thank you to Mack bka rowdi_cowgirl for giving me the codes to make this info <3 ty + ily girle <3

Holly Ann; -comes into the room being all gangstalike- wadup homies. -gives everyone a pound- to you guys, I'm known as Holly Ann. but to Sam, I am Nerdy Hol and Original Gangsta. Ya heard? Let's see, what can I write about? I have known Samantha Aubrey for 4 months and were still best friends like the first day we met. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember it. Too many memories of our friendship to remember. Samantha, you and Marc have my blessing to get married, just as long as (1) I'm your maid-of-honor and (2) I'm your first born's godmother. You know I would most likely, return the favor. Whoever I marry. Um, what else? I can't think of anything -smacks her forehead- Uh.. -sees a cute Puerto Rican walk by- Oh shit -follows the dude- Yo papi, let me holla. -shakes her head- I think that's enough. I'll come back later. Peace my niggaz and wiggaz.

Friends:39: babacakes, bmx_punk, buried_in_pain, care_for_me, cherriiezz, condescendingly, cracka_ryan, driipin_rred, evil_lil_cl0wn, gangstrr_jenia, hard_candies, maniiac, mydsmbr, mysteri0us_wun, ohohfoxee, original_, pe0ple_suck, pink_panther, playfuldesire, poor, raping_you, replaced, rowdi_cowgirl, ryans_eye_candy, sexy_ryan, shorebrd21, sinfulthoughts, smelly_toes, sparkliisoul, stiffies, studd, stupid_ass, stupid_matt, sweet_hrrt, teenagexriot, untamedxmonkey, unwillingly, xmeloyellowx, _enchantress
Friend of:41: babacakes, bitchni, bmx_punk, bradley_stupid, care_for_me, cherriiezz, condescendingly, cracka_ryan, driipin_rred, evil_lil_cl0wn, hard_candies, inocentanqel21, k4t, maniiac, mattpunkdyou, mydsmbr, mysteri0us_wun, ohohfoxee, original_, poor, raping_you, replaced, rowdi_cowgirl, roxyripper15, sexy_ryan, shorebrd21, sinfulthoughts, smelly_toes, sparkliisoul, studd, stupid_matt, subliminole, sweet_hrrt, teenagexriot, twiztidpyro, untamedxmonkey, unwillingly, xmeloyellowx, xsmackmybishupx, yoyoballs, _enchantress
Account type:Early Adopter

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