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User:pinkgurl87 (152084)
Location:scranton, United States
Bio: i'm jess and my dad's a pimp! my dad has more of a life than i do and it's really sad. but at least i have my bestest friend in the whole entire world, adria. i have a thing against ostriches so if you're an ostrich, don't talk to me. cause i'll kill you. i go to a college prep school and it sucks. my english teacher's senile and my bestest buddy adria stalks 30 thousand people. i dont stalk anyone, but there is lovechild. he's pink. so if you're pink, i'll probably like you. this isnt really a biography of's stuff you should know!
Interests:73: 80s, 80s music, adria, angry beavers, aol, april margera, ashton kutcher, authority zero, bam margera, birdman, bleu, blink 182, bowling, brandon dicamilio, can't hardly wait, celia, chicken, choking victim, country apple spray, crack babies, crackhouse, danny, dead radicals, don vito, hey arnold, homosexual hamsters, icecream men, jackass, jet, joe, johnny knoxville, josh hartnett, ladies man, lovechild, mailmen, monkey, ok go, orlando bloom, patsy, paul walker, penis!, penises, phil margera, phone, phone sex, pimps, pizza, raab himself, rake yohn, ramen noodles, rancid, rem, riddlin kids, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, ryan dunn, seth green, sex, sex monkies, shannon, sherry, simple plan, spongebob, steve o, the exorcist, the gufs, the simpsons, the vines, things, toucy, unloco, viva la bam, wild boyz
Friends:24: addme, booggy, deflation, degenerate182, devilici0us, domonaghan, eousness, greaselightning, holycow, joejoejoejoea, lilginaa, lucky725, luckymunky88, missmolko, mxriel, mystic_fairy, polartownjunkie, raider1, ramennoodles, swtmperfectionz, thesimpsons, the_mighty_j, villain, whoooa
Friend of:7: booggy, lilginaa, luckymunky88, muskyfever, polartownjunkie, raider1, the_mighty_j
Member of:3: domonaghan, ramennoodles, thesimpsons
Account type:Early Adopter

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