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Below is user information for Turn UP yOuR ThermoDyNaMiCs!!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pinkcottoncandy (245773)
Name:Turn UP yOuR ThermoDyNaMiCs!!
Website:Not S o InVisiBle Any MOrE Space Cases Stories
Location:Woodridge, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:candycanez3282 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:sparklycookies (Add User, Send Message)

The WeatherPixie

Gone...(see below for more info) font>


Where'd she go?

I am no longer at this site anymore. I have permenantly moved over to livejournal and will be staying there for the rest of the time. Most likely I will not be coming back here because quite frankly, this site sucks and there are too many frecking restrictions and on livejournal I can have unlimited friends and do a whole lot more than you can here. This retarted site has been mentioning crap about paid accounts that never happen, not like I would pay for one anyway, and more of my friends are on livejournal anyway, easier communication. If you leave comments here for some reason, I will respond, but please note that this journal is no longer being updated, and all the entries will be transferred to livejournal this weekend, and this journal of mine might be gone for good. I eventually will take this journal down, so people on my friends list, don't be surprised. All of my blurty friends: you guys are great and I am really going to miss you. If any of you have LJ's and wish to add me to your list, please do so. My new journal can be found here, where I will continue to take journal makeover requests for here or LJ:

Thanks and Help

orginal_0x for the code. NOTE: I will help out with journal layouts, but you MUST credit me in your profile. That does not mean credit me in an entry. If you do not know how to credit with an LJ user tag, please ask and I will show you how. DO NOT IM ME ASKING FOR HELP. MY EMAIL IS UP HERE FOR A REASON!! Also if you have a background picture you would like, please make sure that you have a url for it ending in either, .jpg .jpeg or .gif, as I do not host pictures on my computer and if I find out that you have not credited, I will come and beat you with a stick and will take away what I have done for you... Also, do not type LiKe DiS bEcAuSe It iS aNnOyInG. Sorry if that sounds bitchy, but I am tired of doing things for people and not have them credit, it's a waste of my time then.

Friends:10: band_dork05, gumdrop_wishes, krazygurlkris, nina_baby, orginal_0x, rockerchic1326, suzee, wickeddreams85, xoxbrittyxox, _dancn_qusar
Friend of:11: band_dork05, cheeto_dust, gumdrop_wishes, krazygurlkris, nina_baby, orginal_0x, rockerchic1326, suzee, wickeddreams85, yellowtoilet, _dancn_qusar
Member of:11: a_make0verr, barbiegirls, blurtyaddicts, claims, gr8_layout_help, html_help, lay_me_out, newfriends, oldschool_tevee, ramennoodles, someadvice
Account type:Free User

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