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User:pink_lemons (913039)
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:Name: Tasha Emerson

Age: 19

Nicknames: Tash, Tashy, Ash, Asha, Emer, Sonny, and Bob

Status: Taken

Zodiac: Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp

B-day: 21/11/85

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Pets: None

Likes: Reading, writing, art, sex, thriller novels, chemistry, coffee...

Dislikes: Ignorance, bitches, bees, hunting for sport, bullies, spam...

Facts Concerning Me:
- I live with my big sister Dawn. I have since i was 16
- I was bullied for 3 years, which led to a eating problem i had
- I have been with my boyfriend, Jake, for nearly 3 years...
- ... I've also been seeing Jake's older brother Matt for nearly 2 years.
- Like i said before i used to have a eating problem.
I started getting bullied at 13 for being a little over weight,
so by the time i was 15 i was bearly eating and i was only 5 stone.
That's also the reason why i moved with my sister
- I got 'A' in my Art A-level and 'B' in Chemistry.
Interests:26: anne rice, art, astrology, books, chemistry, christopher pike, coffee, dancing, james herbert, james patterson, john grisham, karin slaughter, literature, music, painting, patricia cornwell, piercings, r.l stine, reading, richard laymon, singing, tattoos, tea, thomas harris, thriller, writing
Friends:1: eroticstories
Member of:1: eroticstories
Account type:Free User

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