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Below is user information for piink_playboi. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:piink_playboi (275391)
Location:in my own world, Delaware, United States
AOL IM:piink plaiboi (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:im outqoinq and funn to be around. i live life to the fullest. i never let ne thinq qet me down (well mostly everythinq). ive qot black hair (natural) and hazel eyez. i stand about 5'3 or 5'4 and i weiqh about 105. i really want a lot of piercinqz (im qettinq one for my b-dai! oh yea). and i also want at least 5 tattooz! i play sum sportz lyke hockey and lacrosse (yea the lacrosse coach iz hott! hehe ;]). i have a boifriend name kevin. hes the love of my life. my bestest buddiez are stacey and stephanie. i love them to death. life iz normal to me. i dont care what people think about me. i live life with a smile. when people talk about me they make me the center of their sadd little livez ;].
Interests:109: acting stupid, aol, as told by ginger, avril lavinge, beachez, benji madden, bikiniz, bubble gum, candlez, care bearz, cdz, cherriiz, christina aguilera, cold, colorful sox, computerz, cotton candii, dancing, deftones, dorkz, downloading, drinking, eating, eminem, eyebrow piercinqz, eyeshadow, fluff, freakz, friendz, frogz, glitter, good charlotte, greenday, gummii bearz, gwen stefani, hey arnold, hot topic, hottiiz, ice cream, inscentz, journalz, kevin, kissinq, kittiiz, lip gloss, lolli popz, long hair, loserz, make up, making out, mallz, memoriiz, metallica, moviez, nail polish, notez from friendz, partiiz, peanut butter, perfume, phonez, piink (the color), piink hair, pillowz, pixxii stix, play boii bunniiz, poolz, power puff girls, punkz, puppiiz, rainy daiz, rainy nitez, rock bandz, rock boiiz, rock music, rosez, rugratz, sex, sex appeal, sexxiness, shimmery eyez, shopping, singing, sk8er boiiz, sleep overz, sleeping, slipknot, slipperz, smiling, soda, sponqebob, spring, strawberriiz, stuffed animalz, summer, summer nitez, swimming, talking, tank topz, tattooz, teddy bearz, thongz, tigger, tounge ringz, vans shoez, water, webcamz, weekendz, wetness, whipped cream.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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