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User:pierresalien (137053)
Website:My Live Journal
Location:Rofo, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:Hey, my names Shana. My life is basically all about music and school. I intend on going to Canada for music school. My favorite bands are Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Rancid, Sum 41, Van Halen, Guns 'n Roses, Def Leopard, Madcap, River City Rebels, Less Than Jake, Catch 22, Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Marilyn Manson, Weezer, Pink, Sugar Ray, The Distillers, The Used, The Transplants, The Ataris, All-American Rejects, Taproot, Taking Back Sunday, Sublime, Something Corporate, Queens of the Stone Age, No Doubt, MxPx, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Lit, KoRn, Kelly Osbourne, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, Mest, Unwritten Law and so many more. I'm also a big fan of Seann William Scott and Jamie Kennedy. I <3 them! But if you ever want to talk I'm always up for a good chat. :)

Hello to:

Katie my sexy horny mofo for life. We stayed up for sooooooooooooooooooooooo long just talking! Until like 7:00 AM! Eeeeeep! hahaha! Good times talking about Benjamins penis, and Joels penis. And then getting with Billy while with Joel! ahahaha! Only we know, Katie.. only we know! Twin ESP.. getting sex at the same time. Oh man! hahaha! Too great! We are best friends no matter what and you're my hero! *tons of love*
Ashers my ghetto pancake. Having fun conversations of sharing rock stars. lol! You hating me because I met Simple Plan. :x Me claiming Benjamin and us fighting over him! haha! Good time, my friend! *tons of kisses*
Sars my never ending disease *cough* lol! Many many long conversations on net meeting! COMPUTER! ahhh! *dies* hahaha! You saying that I am bisexual and me killing you for saying it. :x I AM NOT! lol! I just find some girls hot okay?? It's allowed!! :P John.. hahahahha and his pervertedness. Us, and our pervertedness! oh gees! lol! *many a kisses*
Mat, my oh so sexy lurver. I still love you more.. hahaha good times in the Simple Plan chat. Sending eachother love cards. Mine are always better though, ASS GRABBING. Humping.. ahh yes, the fun stuff. Sexy sex! Can't forget about that! hahaha! You're gorgeous I love you! *tons of kisses* Oh, and I own your "pretend" penis! ;)
Lily, my sexy beast. Rawr! We're such an old! "Can't you tell, I'm straight edge?" ahhhhhh! Can you say FREAKY? Cause I can! hahaha! That was wonderful. *ahem* Chadwick! LOL! Oh gees! *pinky swear* LOL! Love ya! *kisses*
Jen, one of the three original Simple Planteers! Booyah, go us! Eeeeeep. It was weird when you saw me at the Civic Tour! I was like where the hell is she then BAM out of no where! lol! Love ya so much! *kisses*
Jess, two of the three original Simple Planteers! Booyah! haha! Guess that leaves me as three of the three original Simple Planteers? Who's good.. we're good! lol! Yes, so many concerts together.. Madcap, Simple Plan.. *sigh* good ole' times! Love ya!
Val, my oh so sexy concert go'er! haha! Dude, we have so much to talk about. lol, our phone conversations. Weee! When Rylan put the "make out" flash light on us in New York.. at the Madcap concert.. oh my god hahaha I wanted to die! Calling Johnny up! hahah! Joannas humour! Good times babe! Love ya lots! xoxo Tim for life ;)
Andrew, my guy lover. lol. I love you so much. haha Remember The Ring? Dude.. we were so not scared. But hey we got to sit next to eachother and touch eachother right?? Riiiiight! haha! Remember how we met? It was weird. I was with Brandon.. *gags* and you were just at Carens and we didn't even notice eachother, but then we talked online and you came to my party? haha! Good time! You're so ticklish! I love it! lol! *kisses* Love ya!
Caren, my tall goddess! lol! When I hugged you at Talias party I was like WHOLY FUCK she grew like 236791287 more inches! hahaha! That was great! I loved kareoking to "Build Me Up Buttercup Baby" haha sorry but Jason and his x! Ahhhhh! And Benji getting NAKED! Oh my lord. Great fucking times girl! Best friends since 2nd grade! Doesn't get any more better than that! I love you dearly! xoxo! *kisses*
Talia, my mardi gras girl! hahaha! Walking down the street with mardi gras beads, thinking we're cool while people stare us down because they think we're sluts for flashing our boobies! Ahhh! Even thoguh we bought the fucking things at the dollar store! LMAO! And oh my god, spring break! Staying up ALL night online and painting our nails and making our spring break shirts! HAHA! I still have mine too! Dude! Truth or dare.. wearing your bra on your head! AHHH! hahaha! That was a beauty! Saturday night dance parties! Aww yeah girl we hooked it up! LOL! That was great! Walking past Erics house every fucking day! haha! I swear I never got that much exercise in my life! THANKS! lol! God, so many good times to remember! I love you dearly! Best friends forever! xoxo *kisses*

Sorry if I forgot anyone! I still love you!

Memories:1 entry
Interests:39: a new found glory, benjamin, billy, blink 182, boxcar racer, chadwick gilbert, chris, chuck, computer, concerts, cyrus bolooki, david, dogs, flirting, friends, good charlotte, guys, ian grushka, jeff, joel, jordan pundik, less than jake, madcap, mall, mark hoppus, money, movies, music, paul, phone, pierre, river city rebels, seb, shopping, sleeping, steve klein, tom delonge, transplants, travis barker
Friends:24: 1021, adopt_a_rocker, all_things_rock, amethyste, bambam623, blackxteardrops, gc_icons, hello_kitty_fan, itsneverover, ladyvicious, mad_over_joel, mia246, motivatedxdream, naddylee, new_found_glory, pink_addicts, punk_as_fuck, sp_rocks_, stanggrl4eva, unluckykittie, wildchildx0x, _dressedtokill_, _simple_plan, __h0peless
Friend of:5: amethyste, bizatchica, im_make_believe, stanggrl4eva, unluckykittie
Member of:9: adopt_a_rocker, all_things_rock, gc_icons, hello_kitty_fan, mad_over_joel, new_found_glory, pink_addicts, sp_rocks_, _simple_plan
Account type:Early Adopter

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