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Below is information about the "pictures" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pictures (38473)  
About:This is a community to post your pictures. Pictures of you or people/things you like. There are a few simple rules:
  • Information about image hosting can be found here.
  • Posts with multiple or large-scale images or images of questionable nature (nudity, pain, etc) need to make use of the lj-cut tag. To use the lj-cut tag, type <lj-cut text="what you want it to say">.
  • No obscene nudity please. There is a difference between art and tasteless porn. Be conscientious.
  • Derogatory and flaming remarks in the comments area should be avoided. Beauty is, at best, subjective. No one should feel that he/she has not made the grade.
  • If you post someone else's work, please make sure to give credit where credit is due. If copyright info is not available, a short disclaimer that the posted image is not your original work and/or a link to the site where you got the said image should be included in the post.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to contact dandelion. Enjoy!
Interests:107: adoration, aesthetics, androgyny, arms, art, artistic photography, avarice, b&w photography, beautiful, beautiful boys, beautiful women, beauty, body parts, bois, boys, boys in makeup, breasts, cam girls, cams, charisma, classic beauty, conceit, cosmetics, creativity, curves, cute, desire, digicams, digital cameras, digital photography, diva, dramatic, eccentric, eccentricity, egotism, enhanced, erotica, exposure, expression, expressions, eyeliner, eyes, faces, fashion, features, feet, femmes, fetish, fetish photography, fun, girls, glam, glamour, glasses, gluttony, guys, hair, hands, hips, images, legs, lighting, lipgloss, lips, lust, make-up, mascara, men, muscles, narcissism, navels, necks, nudity, passion, people, people-watching, photographs, photography, photos, pics, pictures, poloroids, pretty people, pride, scanner, scans, self expression, self portraits, self-admiration, self-expression, self-love, self-portraiture, sexy, sexy people, silhouettes, skin, sloth, smile, smiling, vain, vanity, visual, voyeurism, watching, webcam pictures, webcams, women
Members:255: 742617000027, 92, agonized, aheartderailed, amberbamber, amorette, antipeople, apologize, arieh, artichoke, asura, babewithaboard, babybella, badboy84, badhbhcatha, betweenthestars, biogrrl, bizznitch, bizzyspy, bl1ndw1thfear, blackened_ashes, blacktearss, bloodorchid, bloody_lips, bluebabe69, bondageseraph, bornreckless, brass, brendan415, britishbroccoli, brwneydgrl, burntpotato, camera, cant_be_perfect, cheeky_twat, cherrysodapop, christian_babe8, clandestinestar, claudiusmaximus, community_ads, crazyshoes_cole, curio, cut_me_deep, cyanidekisses, dandelion, darkness_fails, daynachan, deadmuse, decliningminds, deltadelta, devastatingly, diamz, dollyx, dontbesademokid, dreamer77, dullgirl, electrocuting, electro_k, emilystrange, emo, emotion_is_dead, entwine, epsilon_zero, eternallearner, eugeniavictoria, evelynelailani, evilkate, fakefrench, fatal_femme, flutterbye, fuzziwuzzi, gc_wh0re, geeker, gonorrheaagogo, h34v3n_s3nt, hamster_girl, heartsfallapart, hellotopher, heyjealousy, hollywdblackout, hookedoncoffie, hsbagai, ibelieve, ihateyoureyes, imperfect10, in_love, in_the_nude, itakeitback, itsallkizza, i_am_nobody, i_smoke_tampons, jacksbrokenhart, jacquelinedo, jayemen, jazebel, jenn_babii, jessielynn220, jido, joedavid, joleine, jong, juggalopimp69, kandydevil, killerrr, kill_for_me, krup_you, ladyvenom, lalaine87, likesnow, lilwoodstock08, lonelyxxchloe, lostarm, lost_to_infamy, lovesonlyhope, love_laura, lustforlife, majic, mandymania, marykate_ashley, mekala, meli, metix, michinoku, mightymakoto, mildglow, missadrenalynn, mmemorize, morbidbeauty, mrsrobinson, musichetta, mycutiepie2003, mysticchyna, myxbeatsyouro, my_nirvana, my_perception, ndbtluver, ndr, nereide, newslannng, niftybitch, nightmoon, nitah, no_9, ohprettybaby, o_juli_o, pandaseatbamboo, parttimedreamer, pastchild, pepkoo, periish_, photo_obscura, pictureyellow, pinkpanther420, pink_champagne, playhookey, pnkr0ckprincess, princessallie, princesskat, psychoberry, psychochick, puffy_pink, purebiood, pussy, pynk_baby, quasimodo, quite, rainedoutparade, rancidtears, readthisordie, reimariko, reset, retardlyemo, retroxbang, rhwimsickal, ripewithdecay, roo_tastic, rraadioheadd, sarahdope, saturdaynight, saw_it_come, saygoodbye, screamingfear, seriously, shakeitlove, shhkeepmesecret, sila, silli_lil_sophs, sk8rgrrl, skanky_scissors, sloopygirl21, smiles80, sour_girl, spitzfire, st0ned, stellina, stigmata, stillabillyfan, strangewildgirl, strangle, strklykorngirl, styrofoamboots, such_a_tragedy, suicidalbiatch, sulk, swan, sweetbutsowa, tash, taxiride, tearsforchicago, tevy, thats_amore, thehumancar, themesssheis, thereddress, thesinger, the_art_of_war, thinkn_bout_you, thisfading_girl, totalbitch666, toxic_, tragicdisco, trashy, tribalwing, tropicanahannah, turnstoashes, uneek_flav0r, villains, virgin_whxre, visionofsuicide, vx, vynara, walkdontrun, willothewizp, xd0ntletmeg0, xdorkxrockx, xhellsangelx, xoskippyxo, xrainylainex, xrap_princessx, xsiberiankissx, xwiththis_knife, xxxemolove, x_liveforemo_x, yofi, youkillme, yoursinsintome, your_punkster, zume, _bea, _bleedyou_, _bruiseddollie, _cancer, _february_, _lotus_, ___badstar_
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