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Below is user information for Ms.Larimer. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:phosfate (13354)
Website:do come in.
Location:Trantor, Florin, Andorra
AOL IM:everheart (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:lensbeetle (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Fandom is Fucking Funny.  Clique here  to laugh more.
Interests:19: ahahahahahahaaaaa!, bored of the rings, fandom, fandom wank, grain shovels, laughing while haldir dies, mockity-mock-mock!, orangina, other people's business, perfesser t, pocky, poking with sticks, rudely butting in, sons of gondor, stop touching me!, ted the kitten, the shoveler, wanking, your business
Friends:83: 9th_ringwraith, ahli, anormir, arwenundomiel, audrey, awishtofly, babyjesus, backfromspace, beren, bingobbaggins, cara, celeborn, celebrian, cellybrandybuck, cocoajava, coreopsis, darkrosetiger, dreamiflame, duforte, earwen, elanor, elladan, elrond, elros, eol, este, evenstar, fandom_wank, feanor, finduilas, fingon, firebird308, forsakenevil, fragilebroken, freud, haldir, happycakes, harris, ideology_wank, imrahil, irmo, isildur, jadore, ladyofthewood, legolas_, lexin, lindon, lothiriel, loveliv, luthien, madmouth, manwe, megolas, moss, mst_the_moron, namo, nitasee, norabombay, o0hugsnkisses0o, osse, ouchie, oystercase, pip_daddy, posa, queenarthur, rivers, romana, sagralisse, saruman, sekritandeval, slippery_fish, snuh, song_of_nimue, stubbleglitter, syxer7, telesilla, theodred, theterrorists, the_void, vaire, varda, voronwe, zlot
Friend of:46: 9th_ringwraith, acari, arkane156, arwenundomiel, awel, awishtofly, backfromspace, bingobbaggins, cara, celeborn, celebrian, cocoajava, darkrosetiger, dreamiflame, duforte, earwen, elrond, evenstar, finabair, finduilas, fingon, firebird308, forsakenevil, fragilebroken, freud, haldir, harris, imrahil, isildur, jadore, lothiriel, manwe, moss, norabombay, o0hugsnkisses0o, osse, pandap, posa, rivers, shadowyze, slippery_fish, song_of_nimue, stubbleglitter, telesilla, theodred, zlot
Member of:3: ideology_wank, sekritandeval, the_void
Account type:Early Adopter

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