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Below is user information for Brandy Jewel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:phoenixjewel (292)  
Name:Brandy Jewel
Location:Greeneville, Tennessee, United States
Interests:122: a knights tale, amethysts, anne frank, anne rice, anne rice's vampire chronicles, ares, armand, beanie babies, bill weasley, birds of prey, books, candles, carrie, christian, cinderella, clinique happy, corran horn, cosmo, cosmopolitan, daniel malloy, darren hayes, diamonds, disney, dogma, dvd, dvd's, dvds, edge, elvis, enya, epilepsy, epileptic, ever after, ewan, ewan mcgregor, ewan naked, ewan's ass, ewan's gun, ewan's lightsaber, ewan's poetry, eyes, fairy tales, fan fiction, fanfiction, final fantasy 8, friends, garth brooks, gatlinburg, gavin darklighter, ghost stories, harry potter, heath ledger, icons, interview with the vampire, iwtv, j.k. rowling, jedi, jem, jk rowling, kenobism, knights, leo, lestat, lestat de lioncourt, lightsaber, lightsabers, lilo & stitch, long hair, louis, love, luke skywalker, mace windu's lightsaber, magnetic poetry, mara jade, monkees, moulin rouge, movies, mulan, music, obi-wan, obi-wan kenobi, old navy, princess bride, purple, purple lightsabers, quantum leap, queen of the damned, red, rogue squadron, romeo and juliet, sailor moon, santiago, satine, scary stories, scented candles, seaquest dsv, silver, silver lightsabers, star wars, stars, teddy bears, the force, the hardy boyz, the vampire lestat, the vampire louis, titanic, toulouse, ty, undertaker, vampire chronicles, vampires, vc, victoria's secret, vlk, vlm, white gold, wildfire, wwe, wwf, xena, yankee candles, young riders
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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