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Below is information about the "Popfantastic Icons" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pf_icons (93835)
Name:Popfantastic Icons
Website:Guide on making icons
Location:United States
About:This is a community for members of popfantastic to request, and make icons for fellow members.

1. If you are requesting an icon, please post or give the icon maker a site with pictures to choose from. We do not have the time nor patience to look for pictures for you. Got it?
2. Specifically state that you want, because if the icon maker makes something you don't like, don't even bother opening your mouth to tell them you don't like it.
3. Be respectful towards the icon makers.
4. Do not be constantly requesting icons, because that pisses me, Kelly, off. I am the one of the maintainers, and can ban you.
5. Have fun! :D

Contact kelly_c or rachel_sclub to be added.
Members:40: abdulized, ashleyangel, billymartin_gc, clairexblake, en_amylee_en, ginger_reyes, halo_drummer, hollyvalance, hottie_emichael, jenn__love, kelly_c, krystalharris, lil_lexi_b, love_britney, l__tyler, matt_lovato_, meg___white, mel_schu, mena_suvari, mest_anthony, mistamiller, natalie_bolanos, natexbarcalow, rachel_sclub, reese_w_, rockstar_nick_c, sam_mumba, seacrest, sexified_jc, simon_owns_you, spearsarific, steve_klein_, sumbizzyd, talena, thatrevortrain, webgirl, west_, wiggy_j, xxjxxtxx, x_ken_vasoli_x
Watched by:24: avril_lavignex, billiearmstrong, dude_its_randy, halo_natalie, hannahsclub, hottie_emichael, kelly_c, lil_lexi_b, lou_eats_you, mama_penick, mariaxhotnight, matt_lovato_, mena_suvari, mistamiller, osbourne_k, pierrexsp, rachel_sclub, reese_w_, sam_mumba, sexified_jc, shakeit_shakira, spearsarific, xxjxxtxx, _harold
Account type:Early Adopter

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