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Below is user information for PeSaDiYa. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pesadiya (500471)
Website:eL RiNCoN De MiS SueÑoS
Location:ourense, Spain
Bio:Nunca podrás tener todo lo que deseas porque siempre querrás más..
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Interests:131: acantilados, agua, aire, alcohol, alice, alyssa milano, animales acuaticos, anime, anne rice, apocalyptica, apotygma berzek, baloncesto, basket, blood the last vampire, books, brujas, cadenas, candles, castles, charmed, children of bodom, chocolate, christina ricci, churchs, cine, cinema, coffins, comics, concerts, corsets, cronicas necromanticas, dark sanctuary, dark tranquillity, dead dolls, detalles, diary of dreams, diva destruction, divx, dragon ball, dvd, edgar allan poe, el arma definitiva, el cuervo, en 5 minutos, endo, entrevista con el vampiro, esoterismo, evangelion, eyes, fallen angels, films, final fantasy, friends, galicia, ganchillo, ghost in the shell, gothic clothes, gothic metal, hell is for heroes, imperdibles, kafka, kitty n, lenore, leonore, libertad, libros, literature, living dead dolls, lluvia, love hina, lovecraft, luis royo, luna, machine head, malasaña, manga, mar, marilyn manson, medias, moon, mortal combat, nach scratch, naruto, negro, nickelback, odiarte, ojos, old clothes, oscuridad, pantys, papa roach, paris, peliculas terror, pensar, pesadilla antes de navidad, pesadiya antes de navidad, photografy, piercings, pinchos, poe, puddle of mudd, punk rock, puzzle bobble, ranma 1/2, relient k, resident evil, river, romeo y julieta, ropa, sailor moon, sandman, sanguis et cinis, see, seether, silent hill, simple plan, sirenia, sleepy hollow, spineshank, stars, storms, teken, terror, the ring, theatre of tragedy, trail of tears, travels, un paseo para recordar, unloco, vampires, witches
Friends:10: aravan, aypexa, burbulha, desidia, ladyhell, ladymorte, lesarath, saudade_sss, sybelle, tindomerel
Friend of:6: aravan, desidia, ladymorte, lesarath, saudade_sss, vampyria
Account type:Free User

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