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Below is user information for peripheral. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven
User:peripheral (146363)
Location:NY, New York, United States
In the Past...

I lived my life like most other American kids have. Committed various errors, graduated from High School (on time)..things of that nature.

I am attending my second technical university. I'm working on my A+, Net+, CCNA, and MSCA. I have goals. My greatest goal in my life is to continue to make more goals..and achieve them.
In the Future...

I plan to be a technical manager in the ever-changing IT field. There aren't many people that can say for sure what their future will hold, but I will tell you this..I wil succeed and I will not forget to help the ones around me succeed as well.

Why choose the username "peripheral"?
pe??riph??er??al   adj.

1. Related to, located in, or constituting an outer boundary or periphery.
2. Perceived or perceiving near the outer edges of the retina: peripheral vision.
3. Anatomy.
   a. Of the surface or outer part of a body or organ; external.
   b. Of, relating to, or being part of the peripheral nervous system.

4. Of minor relevance or importance.
5. Auxiliary.

Most people see me as a threat, and thus, am treated as such in various ways. Most times, I'm useful to have around to compensate for the shortcomings of others, but other than that, I have no real worth.

There are those in my life that don't share that same view, and as expected those are the ones I truly call my friends. There are others that consider me a friend, yet the most I can call them are acquaintances -- on a good day.

Souvenir from
Souvenir from

My Garden Sanctuary
My UK Handbag Supplier
Hey, I'm from Brooklyn, NY!

Bibamus, moriendum est.

Memories:3 entries
Interests:84: abarenbo shogun, accessories, adidas, ancient egypt, azuki-chan, bbg, bibamus moriendum est, brooklyn botanic garden, building computers, bulma, career counseling, carol's daughter, ccna, charulatta, chibi vegeta, collecting books, cooking, deen, devry, ebay, egyptian hieroglyphics, eye of horus, fuji finepix, gaia, gaia online, gardening, gardens, grapefruit juice, han empire, herve chapelier, hondaxseto, hu zhi, joeyxmalik, joeyxmarik, joeyxseto, joeyxyugi, kangol, kangol bags, kessen 2, loneliness, malikxjoey, malikxseto, mp3 players, msca, omusoba, phoolan devi, piercings, porn, ps2, rca k@zoo, sailor fuku, sakura matsuri, selling my soul, semper fi, setoxhonda, setoxjoey, setoxmalik, setoxyami, squirrels, steve madden, telecommunications, the amazing race, theory of knowledge, therapuetic shopping, thought-provoking conversation, three kingdoms, vegeta, vegetaxbulma, voice over ip, voice recognition technology, voip, wireless technology, wwe, xiahou dun, xun yu, yaki udon, yamixseto, yamixyugi, yellow, yugixjoey, zard, zhao yun, zhuge liang, ??????????????????
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