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User:perfxcti0n_ (105413)  
Name:♥ RACH

411_ * hey. i'm rachel; but i'm known as: rach, raycharles, rachers, ray, rai-rai, rachie, rach rach, and whatever. you can call me anything you want ~ lets keep it NiCE! =D i live in penna, and was born here. yeahh, its pretty beat but me and my friends make the 'best' of it. (as good as it gets? haha) anyway-- i'm thirteen going on fourteen in august. ( buyin` me anything? ) maybe that'll make you guess that i'm a leo.. hehe. i'm white; but i tan in tanning booths and outside. i'm a freshman at valley west. i have a boyfriend, mike; i love him with all my heart. he means the world to me. <3 we started going out may 21, 2003. woow =) anyways. i'ma girl, as you can tell~ lol. duh? ;x hrm.. let see. i play basketball + track. ~ woot<3! ;] i live with both of my parents, two sisters [8 + 11], a dog, and two cats. interesting, huh? lol. i'm not like other girls. i like to be different, i guess. i'm a veeery understanding and sweet person-- but when you piss me off .. watch out. trust me, ook? i can be a huge bitch, no doubt. nobody can be like me -- as much as they try. i'm my own person and i don't follow or listen to anybody. i'm not what you would call a "follower." yeaah. if that makes any sense. i'm totally different from anybody you probably know. =] but i guess its a good thing to be unique. sometimes, i say the weirdest shit. out of no-where, lol. ask candi; haha! =] me, leash, candi, and bree have our own way of "talking" lmfao. we say the stupidest shit that only one another would understand. it's the way it works; deal with it. kthx. me and toma have amazing convo's though, ahha. i guess that's most of it.. anyway!

love_ * i'm in love. mike. i love you so much, sweetheart. you mean so much to me, babes. <3 woow. i like the way i'm feeling, lol. =] we started going out on 05-21-03. yeaah; about a month ago. though it doesn't seem like a loong time, we've been through alot together, and that means a great deal. he doesn't listen to anybody but me, and its the cutest thing in the world, lol. =D he's so sweet to me, and he wouldn't ever hurt me. i'm so comfortable around him; and he's himself around me, too. that's what makes it special ;] hehe. woow. i love you, mike<3!

words to describe_ * rachel. 13. in love. happy. bitchy at times. sweet. envied. hated. wanted. loved. fabulous. basketball. track. fast. skillful. cheery. clean. girl. rach. leo. different. obnoxious. silly. smart-ass. freshman. smartie pants. jazzy. spiffy. bad girl. smart. woow. quick. surprising. understanding. helpful. creative. unique. loud. shy at times. thoughtful. proud. fighter. stronger. wise. thankful. has my own views. etc

lovin` em_ * mike<3. my girls. hanging out. dancing. music. rap. shopping. hiphop. american eagle. r&b. basketball. track. girls nights out. pictures. blurty. madd funn. movies. profiles. ja rule. money. love. kissing. cuddling. hugging. xoxo. jay_z. beyonce knowles. make-upp. sean paul. late nights. cellphones. late night phone-calls. fridays. g-strings. saturdays. thongs. nelly. "put it in ya mouth". friends. quad~riding. jackass. the osbournes. fabolous. lil' mo. stars. ym. akinyele. eminem. aol. life. being me. silver. pharell williams (from n.e.r.d). flipmode squad. busta rhymes. having fun. sleep_overs. staying up all night. comfy clothes. jeans. sandals. flipflops. bikini's. swimming. mikes house ;]. cds & dvds. being up candi's! lol. inside jokes. laughing. victoria's secret. gap. aeropostale. aaf. parties. hot guys. summmer. hot nights. summer nights. fetish. so pink. teddy bears. strawberries. ice cream. chocolate. foood. chicken wings. pizza. being in love. AND etc!

hatin` it_ * bitches. players. haters. whores. hoes. skanks. people who think they know everything. cold weather. any kinda bug (eww). when blurty is slow. my computer. phones that aren't cordless. rootbeer. liars. rumors. when people call themselves fat. rushing into things. forcing things. arguing. AND etc!

contact_ * aol; prettyinpiink214, vivacious rach. you can email me at both of those;! aim; vivacious rach

help_ * yes, i help people with journals. i'm nice like that, haha. but don't expect me to do everything for you. you have to know what you want exactly done. i'm not miss cleo or something, lmfao. ;x so tell me what you want. comment me, or email me and lemme know. (if i'm online; you can IM me too!) but, if i tell you i'm going to do it, and i didn't do it right away = dont annoy me to do it. i'll turn into a very huge bitch, lol. i think thats all you gotta know-- kthx. peaace <3.

Interests:108: 50 cent, 8 mile, aaliyah, aeropostale, amanda perez, american eagle, ashanti, basketball, bazaars, beaches, being in love, being missed, being real, being who i am, bikinis, blurty, busta rhymes, candies, carnivals, cellphones, chicken wings, chocolate, cosmo girl, cuddling, curve, cute boxers, dancing, direct effect, dorney park, dvds, eminem, express, family, flip-flops, food, fridays, friends, fun, g-strings, gap, ginuwine, girls nites out, glitter, gum, hangin out, havin fun, hip-hop, hot nights, hott guys, hugs, hyperness, ice cream, ja rule, jay-z, jewelry, kissing, late nights, laughing, life, lil kim, lip gloss, love, lucky you, ludacris, mad tv, manicures, mike, money, movies, music, my girls, nelly, parties, pedicures, profiles, quad riding, r&b, rap, rk, roller coasters, running, sandals, saturdays, sean paul, seventeen, shopping, shorts, showers, six packs, sleep, sleepovers, so pink, strawberries, summer, summer nights, swimming, the guys, the osbournes, thongs, toe rings, track, trina, trl, vacations, victoria's secret, xoxo, ym, zzz
Friends:17: ad0rable_lo, baby_keke, browneyes25, intense_emotion, live_and_love, lovealwayz, mernpatforever, mesmerized15, pavinski, simply__deep, ssweetstuff20, xrunning_awayx, _0bsessi0nz, _kristie, _kristyn, _one4three, _truelovee
Friend of:12: ad0rable_lo, baby_keke, browneyes25, intense_emotion, lovealwayz, mernpatforever, mesmerized15, pavinski, ssweetstuff20, xrunning_awayx, _0bsessi0nz, _truelovee
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