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Below is user information for ASHLEiGh_!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:perfxct (21830)
Location:Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:perfxct3 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:heyy my name is ashleigh!! i have brown hair w/ highlights and brown eyes.. hmm i'm not very good at describing myself, i'm just typical i guess..? yea well.. i'm a junior at bishop o'reilly.. i loove my friends sooo much.. they really are the bestest!! especially ashlie and valerie cause they're always there when i need them, so thanks girls!!

journal help-- yeaa im good like that lol. no if you need help with your layout or anything, just ask.. i loove helpin =)
Interests:77: 50 cent, abercrombie, addictions, ae, alcohol, american idol, ashanti, beaches, belly button rings, beyonce, bikinis, blurty, britney spears, bubble baths, burberry, candles, cell phones, chanel, chingy, christina aguilera, coloring, concerts, crazy times, cruel intentions, crushes, curve, dancin, disney, dreaming, express, flowers, going out, gum, havin fun, hearts, hollister, hot cars, hummers, ice cream, infatuations, jewelry, kisses, late nights, laughing, lip gloss, love, makeup, movies, my friends, my life, nelly, parties, perfume, pictures, pineapple, profiles, puppies, quotes, redman, room raiders, scooby doo, seduction, shakira, shoes, shopping, shrimp, silver, sleepless nights, smilin, summer, tanning, the color pink, timbs, trl, tyrese, victoria's secret, vin diesel
Friends:13: alicia28, bacardi_shots, blueskyez, cherrydyme, dirrtyy, glamorously, queenjaimelynn, seriously, stumbleintolove, sweetbaybeequrl, x0delici0uzx0, x_jen, _kristie
Friend of:53: 413, bacardi_shots, beach_babii, bl0ndii_kissez, blinkbizith26, blondiiexbabii, blueskyez, bo0tiful_singer, broken_tears, ccccinamonlips, cherrikisses, cherrydyme, cphisher, cr4cker, crazee_in_l0ve, crazybl0ndie, dollxface, emizem, foxyj36, goddess_alex, hookers_, imperfect_angel, intense_emotion, in_love, ixbabyboo143xi, just_lesley, lilbebegoldz, masturbating, niggles, nippies, nipples, nykibaby, piink_kishez, police_officer, pretty_in_blue, pro_hoe, rachbob, seriously, sh4dows, sip_bacardi, starry_skies, sucker4urkiss, sweetiesarah, sweet_kissez, thug_loving, truly_lovely, villain, xobabiidawlox, xo_legend, x_paradiso, x_wasted, _fantasy_, _wildncrazykid
Member of:3: icons_4_u, lay_me_out, sparklingawards
Account type:Early Adopter

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