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User:perfectundertow (733975)  
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:Crushed x Grace (Add Buddy, Send Message)
She says, Some nights I just lay awake
She says, some times I just sleep for days
Smokes another cigarette and looks around the room
What are these days coming to?
She says, it seems Ive been screwed over again
But thats okay who the hell needs friends
Its just easier to pretend
Say you dont care and watch for the end
One more night is all she thnks
I wont come back but Im too weak
All those things he said to me
One more night, and then I'll leave
She walks in one second too soon
Silence uncovers the room
She looks to him in disarray
He says, Im not sorry n turns away
He says, Im tired of hearing you bitch
You're nothing more than a stupid trick
You're not even worth the price I paid
Get out of my life
Get out of my way
One more night is all she thinks
I wont come back, but Im too weak
Those things he said to me
One more night, and then I'll leave
Shes standing on the balcony
Saying, Look this is my destiny
One more step, and I'll finally be free
He says, If you want my help
I'll give you that extra step
She just turns and walks back to their bed
One more night is all she thinks
I wont come back but Im too weak
Those things he said to me
One more night..and then I'll leave...

.:These Days:.-Lennon
Interests:142: 12 stones, 3 doors down, 311, 36 crazyfists, 40 below summer, a perfect circle, acceptance, aeris, alone in the dark, angels, astrology, atheism, audioslave, bahamut, beating people with bats, beavis, beavis & butt-head, being rude, being stared at, blood, bloodrayne, brandon lee, breaking benjamin, breaking stuff, brock lesnar, butt-head, butterflies, cartoons, chasing amy, cherry coke, cold, cookies, corey taylor, cornpops, crossbreed, dafodils, daisies, david draiman, deftones, disturbed, dobby, dogma, down, downthesun, dry cell, earshot, eiko, equilibrium, evanescence, fairies, ff10, ff7, ff8, ff9, final fantasy, flaw, freaks, french fries, froggies, fuel, gaming, garnet, glitter, gta3, harry potter, hatebreed, hellraiser, hitting random things, ill nino, incubus, injected, innocence, jimmies chicken shack, kicking, laziness, lennon murphy, lillies, love, lovespell, mac n cheese, maynard, maynard james keenan, msi, muderdolls, mudvayne, mushroomhead, music, nonpoint, onesidezero, pantera, pearl jam, peeing on hobo's blankets, pepsi, piercings, pinhead, ra, ranch dressing, red hot chili peppers, ren, ren & stimpy, resident evil, rockos modern life, ryknow, scaring old ladies, scooter, sevendust, shiva, silverstein, sinch, sleep, sleepin, sleeping, sleepy tylenol, slipknot, smacks, soil, stabbing westward, stars, static x, stealing money from bums, stimpy, stone sour, stp, sublime, sunsets, system of a down, taproot, tarot, tattoos, the crow, the livid, thinking, tool, unloco, vanilla pepsi, windwaker, wrestling, wwe, zelda, zidane, zombies,
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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