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Below is user information for °sHaTtErEd wInGs°. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:perfect_pingu (539852)
Name:°sHaTtErEd wInGs°
Bio:I'm Yasmin. Me. I'm from a little village in the countryside, it's quiet here and boring but I like it. I have a largish group of friends, and I trust only a couple of people. I fancy someone who says he loves me back but sometimes it's not so easy to understand. Music is my life, as is reading. I try my best in school, and usually manage to excel, except in maths, because I struggle with it. I have a huge crush on a boy called James, who doesn't know I exist, and I like a guy called Drew who likes me too. I don't really fit in very well at school, I'm not your average girl, and people seem to hate things that aren't so oridnary. I don't really do much except school, go online and write. I love to write, and I write a lot. Sometimes, if I trust someone well enough, I let them see my writing. I can't be sure they'll understand, but it's a chance I take. And if they hurt me, I fly away on blackened wings, and wait for dawn to come.
There is no point in trying to label me or define me. Cause I was created with the greater purpose of being something more than normal. Something different, something new. Accept it and start to understand that fact. It's the only way you'll ever begin to build new bridges with me. It's the only way I'll ever let you into my life.
I have two other journals: A Greatest Journal and a Live Journal. :) E-mail me for my LJ cause I don't like giving it out to too many people.
My Greatest Journal
Interests:125: 12 stones, a little princess, afi, all american-rejects, autumn, being appreciated, being tickled, blackberries, blue, brand new, busted, butterflies, castles, computers, crying, cuddling, dashboard confessional, dawn, diaries, dragons, dreaming, dusk, dvds, elijah wood, evanescence, eve 6, faeries, fantasy books, fields, finch, finding nemo, flowers, friends, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, glitter, good charlotte, greenday, hello kitty, hiding, horror movies, hot action cop, hugs, imagination, intelligence, jack off jill, journals, journeys, kelly osbourne, keys, kisses, letters, lilac, linkin park, lipgloss, loneliness, long hair, lord of the rings, love, magic, make believe, make-up, mermaids, midnight, mirrors, moon, mountains, no doubt, ocean, orlando bloom, peanut butter, penpals, perfection, photography, pinkness, poems, poetry, presents, pretty things, princesses, pucca, quizzes, reading, rock music, screams, seasons, secrets, sense fail, silence, silver, simple plan, sleeping, something corporate, sparkly nail polish, spring, stars, strawberries, successfulness, sunrise, sunset, sunshine, switchfoot, sylvia plath, taking back sunday, that special feeling, the calling, the kinks, the neverending story, the secret garden, the smell of rain, the white stripes, the wizard of oz, thinking, thoughts, three doors down, thursday, trapt, unicorns, walking, web design, wicca, wings, winter, wondering, writing
Friends:10: faulsememory, heathermadden, incomplete185, moonstar143, nikkibee, paperplanes, pretty_l_u_s_h, silently_dying, streaked_scars, ven0m0us_kis
Friend of:5: faulsememory, heathermadden, high_voice, pierre_fm_sp, simpleataris41
Member of:10: a_writers_grove, blurtymakeovers, glitterpixies, icons_, make_n_take, mypoetictragedy, penandpaper, quizzrz, thatsmyword, _quotes_
Account type:Free User

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