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User:perfect_ (38372)  
Bio:*art dancing shopping partying cheering and friends
i live in nj. i go into the city once n awile with my family, or i go shopping there with my friends.

the five:
theres the horse back rider, the dancer, the artist, the athlete, and the stylish one. out of the 5, i am the stylish one ;] :::

im a talker. 'cant shut me up. but i am a good listener too so feel free to comment in my journal.

::things to look out for in my journal::
1. guys, guys, guys
2. fashion.. im a shopaholic ;]
3. things i should hold back, but i dont.. aka EMBARASSING things i do. sumtimes i can be such a spaz.
4. my views on well, just about everything

::: rules of reading my journal:::
1. this is my journal, which means my points of view. dont freak out on me by leaving me mean comments. its ok if u disapprove of sumthin, and want let me kno. but please dont continue to post evil things or about the same old subject over n over

2.) comment

get lost in my world. take a peek on my life. and get to kno the stuff u only hear in the girl's bathroom.....
Interests:81: abercrombie and fitch, acting, aim, american eagle, anti-fat, anti-jlo, anti-math, art, being beautiful, being italian, being perfect, being perky, being popular, being preppy, being pretty, beltin mariah carey tunes', ben affleck, betty boop, blondie, boys, britney spears, ca, cell phones, cheering, christina a, coach---bags of course, cracking jokes, dancin in my underware, dancing, days of our lives, driving my parent's crazy, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, facials, good charlotte, goofy, gucci, guess?, hair str8ner, having fun, i luv ben affleck, john mayer, kiss me im irish, lancome, lavander, lj, love, makeup, mani's and pedi's, me, meeting new people, money, my ghetto playas', nj, nora jones, nyc, passing notes, pink, playboy bunnies, pmu's, popular, porsch boxers, prada, quizes, saks 5 ave, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, skiing, snow white, stila, sucking at gym, sunflowers, the mall, the phone, the sopranos, tiffany and co, tryin to be ghetto, will and grace, working out, world according to jess, ym
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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