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Below is information about the "Pen Pals Community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:penpals (28791)  
Name:Pen Pals Community
About:This is the Pen Pals Community, where people get to know each other through snail mail.


If you want to sell/trade/swap items, please find the appropriate communities and join there.

When joining PenPals, please introduce yourself to the rest of the community. We are here to meet long letter pals, so intro yourself with more then 2 line sentences.

Please do not write "for more info/facts about me, look at my journal!" or words to that effect. Tell us about yourself :)

Feel free to join at any time!
Interests:11: friends, friendships, letters, paper, pen pals, pens, receiving mail, snail mail, stamps, stationary, writing
Members:100: abcdie, alfador, aliceindream, alwaysyou, anaideia, anemicandsweet, aplasticred, ashsblurty10, axfreakishxhold, babyjess083, blamehyacinth, blitzgal, cheshire_kitty, chibi_mayuka, chunkymunkey, concrete_angelx, cuteyssweety, demolitionangel, devilici0us, ebliss, eightythree, emotional_words, emo_thing, esquilax, euphoric_zephyr, evenstar9, femalefrater, fourteen, galaxyofstardst, germanygirl53, girl_trends, glitteringtears, green_star, honeybunnie, iim_all_y0ors, imaginary_orbit, im_the_mistress, intellijente, i_havesinned_, kiness, kinkyfantasies, kinkystar, krazynsweet, k_renee_143, late_4_class, leeharveyoswald, lilmspopularity, lilsinsual, lovelesspariah, lovesonlyhope, luffzie, margs1219, meohmy, mrsliljimmyurin, musicbox_, netkitten, neverxreallyxme, november_rayn, ohgeez007, parttimeangel, peudetoile, phr0z3n0bj3ct1v, pinkrazor, pinkstars, pinku_munki, pjthepixie, princess_tease, psychoducky, psycogirl, punkcliche, rockthestarrz, sacmir, sealed_lips, shewokeupinacar, shitoryu_red, simple_moves, skysonfireagain, spookyloser, sweetheart1, thepurpledragon, the_dark_half, total_ecstasy, toujinomiko, urfavoritelover, vicious_leala, villain, viscousx, wikidbytch36, xanthophobia, xbrokenxheartsx, xbroken_trustx, xchokingonlifex, xiheartstars, xsanguinex, xx_p0ptarts, yourxstar, _dream, __blurry__, __juggalette, __stars
Watched by:42: amnisty, aplasticred, blitzgal, cheshire_kitty, chunkymunkey, ebliss, emotional_words, emo_thing, esquilax, euphoric_zephyr, evan02, evenstar9, fourteen, galaxyofstardst, girl_trends, green_star, imaginary_orbit, jayson03, kiness, leeharveyoswald, mrsliljimmyurin, netkitten, november_rayn, parttimeangel, peudetoile, phr0z3n0bj3ct1v, pinku_munki, sealed_lips, shewokeupinacar, shitoryu_red, skysonfireagain, the_dark_half, urfavoritelover, villain, xbroken_trustx, xo_dream_xo, xsanguinex, xx_p0ptarts, yourxstar, _dream, __blurry__, __dirtystars__
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