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User:penel0pe (32994)  
Website:other journal
Location:Ohio, United States
AOL IM:penelope quip (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:my name is not penelope. i'm a mallrat. i work at a resturant. i'm going to the university of cincinnati in the fall of 2003. i plan to major in graphic design/fashion design. i believe that music makes the world go 'round. deep fried cheese sticks are wonderful things.
Interests:145: alkaline trio, ani difranco, babes in toyland, badly drawn boy, belle and sebastian, beth orton, beulah, bikini kill, bing crosby, boy kicks girl, bright eyes, brmc, butterfingers, butthole surfers, calexico, candid daydream, classical music, coheed and cambria, commander venus, common rider, crooked fingers, cross my heart, cursive, dance hall crashers, daniel johnston, dave matthews, dear nora, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, elbow, elliott smith, elvis costello, emo, eustace, fabulous disaster, far, faraquet, fin fang foom, fiona apple, frank sinatra, go sailor, group x, harry connick jr., heidi saperstein, hole, hot rod circuit, hot water music, independent labels, indie rock, jack johnson, james taylor, jason mraz, jawbreaker, jebediah, jets to brazil, john mayer, julie doiron, kyle fischer, last days of april, le tigre, les savy fav, lisa loeb, lucky 7, manic street preachers, math rock, mazzy star, modest mouse, moonbabies, mooney suzuki, mors syphilitica, muse, mxpx, my bloody valentine, now it's overhead, ok go, old 97's, omar goodness, operation ivy, our lady peace, pavement, pedro the lion, piebald, placebo, prozzak, punk covers, punk rock, pushstars, quagmire, radiohead, rainer maria, red animal war, red house painters, remember maine, remy zero, rilo kiley, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, sahara hotnights, saloon, sarge, saves the day, sewing, shiner, shopping, showoff, ska, ska covers, skulker, small brown bike, snow patrol, something for kate, sorry about dresden, stereophonics, suicide machines, sunny day real estate, the anniversary, the apples in stereo, the avalanches, the cassettes, the dismemberment plan, the donnas, the eels, the faint, the flipsides, the get-up kids, the hissyfits, the hives, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the lawrence arms, the living end, the new pornographers, the one am radio, the rocking horse winner, the saturday people, the shins, the smiths, the spells, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, thrift shops, thrift stores, ultimate fakebook, vintage clothing, vroom
Friends:2: foreverending, sermon
Friend of:2: itrlomkiss, sermon
Account type:Early Adopter

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