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Below is user information for TaTi<3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:peaches_o5 (132445)
Location:San Francisco, California, United States

It's All About Me,Forget about you
name: Tatiana aka: peaches tati, tat & j.Lo loc: San Francisco Cali statz: taken bff:NO BEST FRIENDS."TRUST NO ONE" birthday: october 151988 age: 15teen occ: student siblings:sis- Meli hair color: brown with blonde highlights eye color: brown height: 5'1 sign: libra

Play my motha fucking song*!
mya jlo.frankie j.50 centDashboard Confessional Christina VidalKelly Clarkson Justin Guarni OtownMariah Carey Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Jessica Simpson Mandy MooreChingy Fablous B2K Aaron CarterBeyonce Sean PaulJay Z Elvis 112 John MayerBow Wow Baby

Celebs I met
otown(x2) dream streetnobody's angel mandy mooreJump 5

My Love For Ashton Kutcher
My love is to much to explain your thinkin hes a celeb yah so what?its hard to believe im fallen for him badly i dont know what to do Ive liked Ashton since and I will continue I support him with whatever. I love him like he was my boyfriend It's a craZy feeling Where I go I feel I need to see his pic everywhere I dont care where I'm at. I was so close seeing him at the Charlie's Angel premire but i came too late. Tati LoVES Ashton<3


`Fan Stuff`

Forever A Fan of (jennifer lopez)

I adopted Jennifer Lopez!

Interests:94: 112, 50 cent, 98 degrees, a walk to remember, aaliyah, aaron carter, alicia keys, ashton kutcher, b2k, baby phat, bananas, ben affleck, bonnie and clyde, bow wow, boyfriends, britney spears, brittany murphy, bronx, burberry, christina aguilera, coach, dashboard confessional, demi moore, destiny's child, disney, disney movies, disneyland, dorky boys, el salvador, elvis presley, eminem, freaky friday, freddie prinze jr, friends, fun, glow by jlo, gucci, icons, j boog, jarell houston, jay z, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, jlo, john cusack, john mayer, jt snow, jump 5, justin timberlake, kaci, kelly clarkson, kelly osbourne, lalaine, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, lisa marie presley, love, love songs, ludacris, madonna, mandy moore, marc anthony, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, matt ballinger, moulin rouge, movies, nelly, nelly furtado, new york city, nick cannon, nicky hilton, nicole richie, nivea, no doubt, nsync, otown, paris hilton, peaches, pictures, pink, play, portuguese, resse witherspoon, san francisco, san francisco giants, save the last dance, shane west, shia labeouf, starbucks, the simple life, tlc, trina, usher
Friends:41: 0hsuhk0sh_, babyphatcat, britified, charming316, cherrikisses, cherry_lipglosz, dezirable, eye_sore, fallingxstars, hatinq, hot_cherries, intoxicatinq, intriguing, katt, ladiishortii, latto, lil_babez, love_notes, love_pixie, lushuzz, magnifique, mauisurf, miss_shorty, misz_babiidyme, oh_soo_sexc, oldskoolx, pnaixpressionz, purdieful, simonson21, soft_kissez, spongeluv834, threatening, tripleseis, twiist, used__, xb1, xberryblondex, xcraviing, xstrwbryx, _chica, _d0rkus_
Friend of:43: 0hsuhk0sh_, babyphatcat, ballerific, boycrazie, britified, charming316, cheekita, cherrikisses, cherry_lipglosz, dazzlin_n_juicy, eye_sore, fallingxstars, frenchid, get_bizzie, good_lady, hot_cherries, intriguing, irresistible_xo, katt, lady_pirates, latto, love_pixie, lucy_locket, lushuzz, magnifique, menina, miss_shorty, misz_babiidyme, oh_soo_sexc, popkarr, purdieful, sexi_ladii, silvaxd0lla, soft_kissez, spreelee22, sweetroses, threatening, tripleseis, twiist, used__, xb1, xberryblondex, xcraviing
Member of:25: ashtonkutcher, b2k_fans, barbiegirls, boyfriends, britney_lovers, camwhores, claims, claim_a_band, claim_a_bjuser, claim_me, disneyrawkz, dreamstreet, free_shxt, iconish, jrt_fans, like_firah, lix_icons, madonnafans, sfgiants, sportsfans, that70sshow, trendymarilyn, x_boyfriends_, _chica, _get_marri3d_
Account type:Early Adopter

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