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User:peaches102002 (193025)  
Location:Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:eastwickrican000 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:insanricanhqueen (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:hey my name is francesca and i am 16 yrs old. i live in jersey and im proud to be a jersey girl. im puerto rican and also proud of that. i have a bf whom i love very much and his name is jose rodriguez. im a very talented person and i love to perform.... i take dance classes and i study just about every type of dance that there is. I love to dance whether it be ballet or hip hop. i adlso love to act.. i think i am a fairly good actress. i kinda know how to sing and i play all types of instruments such as the clarinet, sax, guitar, and piano. i also love to cook and if i dont get into showbiz im going to become a chef besides all of that geeky stuff i also like to have fun... i smoke and drink and i dont intend on stopping anytime soon... im not a pothead dont get me wrong... i only smoke one in a blue moon with my man. i love music... any kind of music. i watch all types of shows and movies and i love playing computer and video games.
Interests:50: 50 cent, aim, aliens, ballet, boricua, cheese, clubs, computers, concerts, cooking, cosmetology, dance, eminem, evil, fairies, food, futurama, guitar, hair, hip-hop, jazz, korn, linkin park, money, monkeies, movies, mp3s, music, new jersey, new york, parties, piano, poetry, puerto rico, rugrats, selling, smoking, spanish, spells, spongebob, summer, tap, tatoos, that 70's show, ufo's, weed, wicca, witchcraft, withces, x games
Friends:2: evendeeper, reppin_jerzey
Friend of:1: evendeeper
Account type:Early Adopter

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