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Below is user information for Pierre Bouvier. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pbouvier (53501)
Name:Pierre Bouvier
Website:I'm a dick
Location:Montreal, Canada
Bio:1- Name: Pierre Bouvier
2- Instrument: Singer
3- Date of birth: May 9th, 1979
4- Fav. color: Black and Blue
5- Fav. bands: Good Charlotte, The Beach Boys, Blink-182,
New Found Glory
6- Fav. food: Sushi
7- Fav. movie: Back to the Future, The Matrix,
American Beauty
8- Fav. TV show: Friends
9- Fav. boyband: Backstreet Boys
10- Fav. video game: Tony Hawk Pro Skater II
11- Fav. book: 1984 by George Orwell
and Harry Potter 1 to 4
12- Fav. concert: NOFX, Face To Face, Ten Foot Pole,
Trigger Happy - Montreal 1994
Edge Fest II toronto: Blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum 41,
Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World
13- Fav. magazine: Victoria's Secret catalogue
14- Fav. actor / actress: Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts
15- Ultimate place to live: Somewhere hot on the beach
with big waves
16- Guitly pleasure: Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie
dough ice cream
17- Previous day job: I was a cook in a barbecue chicken restaurant!!
18- Boxers or briefs: Boxers
19- Fav. superhero: Wolverine
20- Pets: 4 dogs: Zack, Sunny, Zoe, Misha 1 fish: fishy

[I am not really Pierre. Its all part of a game.]
Friends:165: alexis_d, alisonlarter, allixmack, alyssa__milano, aly_l_hannigan, amber_b, amelinda, amit_paul, amy_a, andiestar, annapaquin, appleby__, ashlee_s, ashleyboyangel, ashmore_, barry_mark, bbmak_christian, bbmak_mcnally, blucas, breckinxmeyer, brendan__fehr, brittany_mrphy, brokster_bri, buschy, celebrity__skin, charisma__, chrissy_girl, chris_evans, clairexdanes, claymel, clumsy_canadian, craig__nicholls, craving_carmen, crushing_kate_b, cs__icons, cs__mods, cs__news, cs__ooc, damiankulash, dangerous_james, devvy_boi, ecaulfield, elena__katina__, emily__vancamp, eric_kufs, eric_lively, eternal_eliza, ewan, e__balfour, foolishjustin_g, f__p__j, gregory_s, grlsdigbassists, haloxreyes, hani, hayden__c_, holly_mc, hottiedan69, h__valance, iyari_limon_, jacobyoung, jaimepressly, james_franco, jd_rooney, jennifer_love_h, jenny_frosty, jesse_b, jessica_, jessy_biel, joaquinphoenix_, johnny_rzeznik, jordana_brewstr, joshuascott, joss_whedon, jules_b, justifiedtlake, justin_jeffre, j_behr, j_harnett, j_lance_bass, j_marsden, katona, kelly_d, kell_bell, kentucky_kev, ken_beck, kikibringsiton, laceynchabert, latinlover, lavigne_av, leigh_wallace, lenked, leo_w_dicaprio, lij__wood, lillard__, livvie_tyler, liz_mcclarnon, luke_w, maj_delfino, marieh_d, martin__billy, mercedesmcnab, miaxkirshner, michelle_t, missrussell, miss_branch, mmmena, mr_mathers, msdarlin, m_sokoloff, natalie_bryant, natashahamilton, nicky_brendon, padmexnat, pbouvier, p_walker_, queen_slice, rach_l_cook, rock_starr_x, sarahmgellar, scott_caan, sethy_n_greeny, simon_x_cowell, simply_simpson, smart_one_linda, smith_kevin, sossamon_shan, stalker_erika, strong_, sweet_shannon, tamyra_gray_, tara__reid__, tobey__maguire, trevin, viciousxbenji, vkartheiser, v_diesel, ward_susan, wl_bryan, wl_kian, wl_mark, wl_nicky, xorlando_bloomx, xtina4life, yulia_tatu, zac_, _alexis, _big_d_, _carmel, _casablancas, _chriqui, _colinfarrell, _david_, _free, _katieholmes_, _klkreuk_, _mandymoore_, _milakunis_, _monica_keena_, _moretti, _nickcarter_, _sexay__tay_, _tonyxlovato, _t_lucca, __spears
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