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Below is user information for ParTy AniMal. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:partyanimal (39216)
Name:ParTy AniMal
Location:Texas, United States
Bio:I disappeared for a while but I’m back now! Well, I have really changed since I 1st started my journal. But for you that don’t know me…
i live in waco. i have the greatest boyfriend ever- well some times. i'm going to school... i think i want to be a speech therapist. Not sure where i’m going after this, maybe baylor. some time my life gets too complicated. i think trouble and drama follows me everywhere I go. i love being a girl! But I also like to just kick back with the guys. i love movies, especially scary, murder mysteries, and of course romantic comedies- duh!. i love art, taking pictures, watching tv, playing with my adorable dog bambi, she my baby. I’m very creative- i love doing art projects. i love to travel and spend money. i’m addicted to shopping. i'm also really awesome!
Memories:1 entry
Interests:58: alcohol, ashley, beer, being naked, big trucks, blondes, body shots, boyfriends, britney spears, camping, college, cosmo, cowboys, cuddling, dancing, day dreams, disney channel, dr. pepper, drinking games, family, girls, glitter, happiness, hot tubs, kisses, lap dances, laughing, lip gloss, love, making new friends, marilyn monroe, massages, mexican food & boys, naps, old movies, orgasms, painting, parties, piercings, porn, real world, reality tv, running, secrets, sex, shakira, shoes, shopping, singing in the car, smiling, summer, taking pictures, texas, the color pink, thongs, whip cream, writing, yoga
Friends:15: addme, bisexuality, bi_girls_rock, cute_demonica, de_smilez, dixiecup8, elevenphoenix, lysha, megan_leigh, mustangashley, sexy_lesbian, shanalee, sparklypenguin, syzygy, vixenspice3
Friend of:6: cute_demonica, dixiecup8, flower_power, princess_slut, sparklypenguin, vixenspice3
Member of:2: bi_girls_rock, sexmaniacs
Account type:Early Adopter

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