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Below is information about the "Parry Hotter RPG" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:parry_hotter_rp (66560)
Name:Parry Hotter RPG

Welcome to the RP/OOC Blurty of the Parry Hotter RPG.

Basically what it is is an RPG based on the online/offline goings on at the LJ Community Parry Hotter. Its origins can be traced to my fic, Parry Hotter and the Orgy of Two. It's a Mary Sue RPG fo people who need to talk about things going on online/offline in the roundabout terms of the Potterverse, rather than dealing with them directly. The RPG includes the main characters of the Potter series, Hotterized for our convenience: Emmione Stranger, Parry Hotter, Don Teaseme, Crackho Badboy, and so on (the only characters that are not Hotterized are the Professors' names).

Members (and non-members) of the Hotter are encouraged to vent in their personal Blurtys about anything bugging them in particular. Out-of-this-crackheaded world storylines are being formulated among the mains as we speak. The lowdown:

John Ravenclaw: That's me, john_ravenclaw and jumbodaifuku on both BJ and LJ. I am both a 6th Year Ravenclaw Prefect and Professor Ravenclaw (A/U of the original storyline).
Anne Wittshare: That's Mal, "harrietpotter" over at LJ, anne_wittshare here. She is both a 3rd Year Gryff and a 5th Year Gryff Prefect (A/U of the original storyline).
Nora Stemmit: That's maruchina. Her BJ is nora_stemmit. Slytherin all the way, baby.
Tracey Ashby: Tracey, one of the Lionesses of Parry Hotter. She's a 6th Year Ravenclaw prefect originally, a Daily Prophet Reporter in the A/U. tracey_ashby.
Karen Limabenz: Maren, a Hufflepuff. karen_limabenz. Friend of both John and Anne, and is new to the "game".
Banshee Nestowl: Hel, a Ravenclaw. I must get in contact with her if she wants to play.
Tate Rhombi: Amber. I'll get in contact with her (both she and Hel have BJs, but are not set up).

So far that's it for the active players.

"Mains" in the Potter Series that have been Hotterized:

Crawlin Creepy: 3rd Year Gryff/5th Year Gryff in either Universe. He's in Anne's grade, no matter where she is. He's Anne's best friend and is flamingly gay. crawlin_creepy.

Emmione Stranger: Hermione Granger/Emma Watson. 5th Year Gryff Prefect in both Unis. She's pretty much canon! except for her crush on John Ravenclaw and her secret bondage/drug activities with Crackho Badboy. emmionestranger.

Parry Hotter: Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe. 5th Year Gryff Prefect/Seeker in both Unis. canon!, BJ not set up as of late Feb. parryhotterhero.

Don Teaseme: Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint. 5th Year Gryff in both Unis. canon! except for his secret perv on for his sister, Ninny. BJ not set up yet as of late Feb. donteasme.

Crackho Badboy: Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton. 5th Year Slytherin druggie asshole who likes trippin' and rollin'. So, he's pretty much canon!asshole. crackho_badboy.

Luscious Badboy: Lucius Malfoy/Jason Isaacs. canon! except for his drug and pimp!daddy prostitution ring. Irritated by his son's constant whining, can't stand his wife, pervs on Emmione Stranger. luscious_badboy.

So far, that's it. I'm sure there will be more as time goes on.


-- must read the above referenced fic for background, even though currently we're skipping to the alternate universe for said background.
-- must have me anagram your name into a Hotterized name (some of us do not have anagrammed names, and that's O.K. because at the time I was flying by wind -- "Anne Wittshare", for example, is an anagram of "Anthea Winters").
-- must have me set up a Blurty.
-- must "know" who we're talking about in a generalized sense. So don't write "Harry". What you really mean is "Parry".
-- this is an RPG to be able to talk about issues and other online/offline drama/issues in terms of this Hotter Universe. If you've got a boyfriend you want to bitch about, anagram his name and bitch about him in terms of Hogwarts ("Today, Dirk Rambler went on and on in Potions about our relationship and Professor Snape silenced him with 10 points taken away from our house", blah blah).

Wow, that was a lot of fucking writing.

This BJ is reserved at the moment for IC, OOC, and Owls (message to others). MAKE SURE YOU LABEL what the hell it is in the subject line of your entry. I don't wanna make another stupid comm just to separate IC from OOC crap. I'm lazy, and this is a hell of a lot of work to do to begin with.

*goes off to write more crap elsewhere*

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