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Below is information about the "Haters" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:parental_haters (363531)  
1. Talk like you have an education and yes i know sometimes words are hard to spell thats alright but not like this : i.e lyke, y0uz, happii, etc.) It's annoying to other people and we can't understand you.
2. Don't make others feel unwanted
3. Don't be rude. Be patient.
4. No fighting. Everyone try to get along.
5. if you have any problems please contact us right away and be nice about it.
6. please do not write comments that might offend anyone
7. be open don't be shy.
8. no problem is a stupid problem
9. treat others the way you would want to be treated
10. just because you didnt get any comments dont mean we aren't listening it just means we really dont know what to say or dont have anything to say at all.
Interests:34: black, boyfriends, boys, cars, computers, crying, cutting, dancing, death, discussions, dying, freaks, fun, gay, girlfriends, hatred, lesbians, listening, men, metal, misunderstood, movies, music, parent hating, parents, problems, punk, red, screaming, singing, skating, talking, teenagers, yelling
Members:33: angelickisses, babygurl1106, brendan415, brown1eyed7girl, brownigirl, ciaraz, crazeydazey, dreaming4life, dreaming_angel, drzlittleflirt, erratic_artemis, innocent_kitten, level27girl13, liddle_jerzee, lushuz_priinsez, megabear, mxpxpunker666, punkiish_ness, punk_rock_poser, riot_punk, sheoutside, siddied4lov3, skateb0ard, snow_white_star, themotivationp, venomgirl, voxstar, wildchildx0x, xtwocentmoox, xx_made_xx, x_mizz_tina_x, zzdaiseyzz, _motivate_this_
Watched by:12: angelickisses, babygurl1106, brown1eyed7girl, ciaraz, crazeydazey, djbulldog, dreambabl, drzlittleflirt, erratic_artemis, puresilent, themotivationp, voxstar
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