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User:pardon_ (73381)
Location:Welch, West Virginia, United States

+ _she's wasting away to nothing Cyndi is wasting away. She's 16 years old and from West Virginia. She is a junior in high school and is finished with the first semester.She is excited to get the fuck out of this town and go to college. She's also getting tired of this third person thing.. I'm single and I like it, although I hate being alone. I'm very contradictive and aggressive. I don't like people and the chance that I don't like you is very high. Oh say, a 85% chance I don't like you. That is unless I already do.

+ _let her rot this way Im me, you cant change that. I love and hate many things and I could give a fuck less if you care or not. If I dont like you, Ill just come out and tell you. Im not going to put up a front and suck your ass. That's just plain stupid. Another thing that annoys the fuck out of me is idiot bitches trying to mooch off people and say its totally copyright them. Ha, bitch get out more often. __ I love when I make fun of people, it makes me hysterical. I laugh my ass off. I love just sitting there watching all these non-funny television shows, and cracking up. Tis funny. Also, making fun of internet whores with other cool people = sex.

+ _ you're such a quiet girl Bitches, I'm smart. I like being smart, but I dont show it in my writing or my words. I dont like to intimidate anyone, rofl. I cant wait to go to college, then med school and become an oncologist and get madd money and leave you lazy fuckers that sit at home all day playing nintendo & mooching off your mother behind. It will be fun, and quite funny when your broke asses ask for moolah! </3>

Interests:44: !!!, alkaline trio, being loved, black nail polish, bright eyes, canned air, cd burners, cellphones, chicken dance elmo, curly fries, dickies, donnie darko, er, etnies, exercize videos, gremlins, guys with shaggy hair, hello operator, jealousy, liars, lips, mixed tapes, money, music, notebooks, penguins, pens, radios, random shit, razor blades, shopping carts, spikey things, spongebob squarepants, stickers, talking shit, target, the fairly odd parents, the white stripes, ties, vans, various movies, waffles, walmart, webdesign
Friends:2: required, ___emo
Friend of:3: required, theghostofblah, ___emo
Account type:Early Adopter

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