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Below is information about the "The Paranormal Discussion" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:paranomal (43967)
Name:The Paranormal Discussion
About:Here there be ghosts! And the occasional bigfoot and... well...

This is a community for ghost stories, urban legends, spooky stories and the like. They can be personal experiences, or things you've heard by word of mouth or tales and folklore local to wherever you reside. This is not limited to the United States, as there are plenty of good stories all over the world.

This is also a place where you care share your ghostly pics and get opinoins on them.. are they real or fake?

Please, introduce yourself when you join and maybe share a macabre tale or three!

- All pics go behind LJ cut
- Don't post those stupid links where this ghost pops out at you [those flash things]
- Don't spam/cross post
Interests:135: abominable snowman, alien autopsy, aliens, anastasia romanov, ancient history, apocalypse, april fool's day, armageddon, astrology, beezlebub, beyond belief, bigfoot, billiam, cloning, cottingly faires, crime, crop circles, cryptozoology, crystal balls, death, deceit, demons, devils, disney, doomsday, drama, dreams, elves, extra terrestrials, fairies, fake, folklore, fossils, ghost photos, ghost stories, ghosts, ghouls, giants, gnomes, goblins, gremlins, haunted houses, hauntings, hexes, history, hoax, hoaxes, horror stories, imps, jackalopes, jeane dixon, jersey devil, kaycee nicole, legends, leprechauns, lies, life insurance, loch ness, lucifer, lying, manipulation, mermaids, miss cleo, missing persons, monsters, mothman, murder, mysteries, mystery, mythology, myths, national enquirer, nessie, nightmares, nostradamus, oddities, ogres, oracles, paranormal, paranormal activity, phantasms, phantoms, phone scams, phonies, pixies, poltergeist, poltergeists, predictions, psychics, sasquatch, scamming, scams, science fiction, sea monsters, sea serpents, shroud of turin, soothsayers, sorceresses, sorcerors, spirit photography, spirits, spoofs, spooks, spooky stories, sprites, stories, suicide, tarot cards, tarot readings, telepathy, telling lies, the blair witch, the cottingly fairies, the hope diamond, the jackalope, the jersey devil, the national enquirer, the shroud of turin, trickery, trolls, truth, ufos, uncovering the truth, unicorns, unidentified flying objects, unsolved mysteries, urban legends, viruses, visions, war of the worlds, werewolves, wicca, witchcraft, witches, yeti
Members:68: 015666510, 2lost2besaved, ames_lilxtina, astimepassesbyx, audrina, azariah, babygemini00, babylonmoondoll, blackthongz, bleedxxinnocent, boundsoulwoman, cake_or_death, cetta, cobain_x_mortis, distressedduchy, faelunette, faerie, faerynocturne, fillthee, friskyxkitty, funeralromance, glitterburns, gothicprincess, gypsywytch, horrorbusiness, imperfect10, ixhatexavril, jiminvv, jynxedwings, kalipso, kewpie, kitsevps, kyttkara, ladybrigit, luthormorte, majic, maxxpower, melishious, morbidbeauty, morbid_angel, murderous_bitch, mytwistedfate, nocturnal007, noxii0us, onlywords, paganwarrior13, pinkmelissa, pyromantik, ravine, rosesandirony, rupturing_tool, scarredstar, shakeitlove, shatterediamond, starlezjen, sudden_collapse, taintedxxxlove, tenjou_utena, thecrow, unwanted, vex_mike, weirdseance, xbrokendollx, xcorruptx, xdry_tearsx, xri0txgirlx, zombey, _s_p_a_r_k_y_
Watched by:29: 015666510, babygemini00, bleedxxinnocent, boundsoulwoman, distressedduchy, faerie, faerynocturne, horrorbusiness, imperfect10, jynxedwings, kalipso, kitsevps, kyttkara, ladybrigit, luthormorte, maxxpower, morbid_angel, nocturnal007, onlywords, paganwarrior13, pinkmelissa, pyromantik, ravine, sudden_collapse, thecrow, vex_mike, weirdseance, xcorruptx, xdry_tearsx
Member of:1: boyskissing
Account type:Early Adopter

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