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Below is information about the "Pandemonium" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pandemonium_rpg (167779)
Location:Ghettoville, United States
About:Want to Join pandemonium_rpg?

Comment in THIS journal!


o1. Have a journal for this community and only this community, no others, or else it gets way too confusing.

o2. You must have AIM or AOL. (If you have more then one character please make sure to have a screen name for each.)

o3. You may not have more then 2 characters, I am good at catching who has more then what they are suppose to have! So be careful. If you do have more then 1, make sure to play your roles equally!

o4.Important: You must update at least once every two weeks If you don't, you will get kicked out. STAT.

o5. Make sure to post somewhere in your info that it is not real. Or in Other words...A "DISCLAIMER" Some people don't understand that this is a game and think it's real. Also, our website disclaimer has to be in your journal for a website!

o6. Don't kill your character, be a mature role player and be realistic. Example: Don't make your character pregnant at a young age!

o7. No icon stealing, if you want Icons contact one of the moderators, we will be glad to make some for you.

o8. Keep OOC and IC fights apart from eachother!

o9. We Don't mind the way you type, we Allow you to TyPe LiKe DiZ, but if it becomes a distraction, it will be forbidden.

1o. Other then that, Enjoy!

If you Have any questions or Want to Join Pandemonium, please Contact pandemonium_mod
Interests:1: rpg
Members:8: aaronxcarter, anais___l, faye_da_gangsta, just_jessie_x, lindz_lohan, mk_rocks, pandemonium_mod, _jestopher_
Watched by:21: aaamandaxo, anais_lameche87, angelfaith, annaasundstrand, ashley___olsen, chris_tr0usdale, faye__hamlin_xx, hilary_duffers, jboog, jhene_xo, jmac49, lickable_lindz, manders_lameche, mandyxoxbynes, rosie_mun_mun, xanaisx, xanaisx__, xjessica_friedx, x_mika_x, _fayexhamlin_, _jestopher_
Account type:Early Adopter

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