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Below is user information for Keeli. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:paintmepink (292102)
Location:Malta, New York, United States
AOL IM:mylightbright (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i love you
Interests:139: !, *, 11:11, 16 candles, 6372, american beauty, american history x, animal house, aqua teen hunger force, art, bass guitar, beads, bed, bergelfleckl, big 80's hair, books, boston, burts bees chapstick, but im a cheerleader, cameras, canada, chairs, coheed and cambria, coldplay, compact tampons, crayons, cream, cursive, daria, dave matthews band, desaparecidos, detergent, detroit rock city, dinosaurs, donnie darko, doves, dr. suess, eating boogers, edward penis hands, elephant, elton john, family guy, farfernugen suekendogen, feeding the ducks, finches, flip flops, fruit, girl interrupted, glasses, hal sparks, handwriting, harry potter, high fidelity, him, history, indie films, indie rock, jack black, kissing, kitty little, laundry, lightning, lotion, magnolias, making jewrely, making up words, michael ian black, mo rocca, mommento, montreal, mulholand drive, my friends, names, new york city, nightmares, paint, paper clips, party monster, parwana, pathology, pedro the lion, penguins, people watching, pessimistic thinking, phish, photo flo, photography, pillow fights, pills, prozac nation, psychology, pulp fiction, q-tips, quotes, rainbow brite, randomness, rawr, reading, ren and stimpy, rules of thumb, saves the day, scarves, second day hair, sega, shows, skirts, soft tissues, sparrows, stars, sylvia plath, taking back sunday, tattoos, tenacious d, the blues brothers, the breakfast club, the clash, the cranberries, the doors, the guess who, the letter e, the pianist soundtrack, the ramones, the strokes, the used, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, thrift stores, thunder, thursday, toga, trainspotting, traveling, u2, underpants, watching birds take baths, weezer, words, you,
Friends:9: cartoonglue05, ilikeyoureyes, krishie, mkd, movie_indulgers, swambatiki, tunatuna, xbrightxeyesx, xsxkxax
Friend of:6: ilikeyoureyes, mkd, swambatiki, tunatuna, xbrightxeyesx, xsxkxax
Member of:1: movie_indulgers
Account type:Free User

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