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Below is user information for Serenity (i wish). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:paintedserenity (426060)
Name:Serenity (i wish)
Location:where the darkness is home, Minnesota, United States
AOL IM:plastiksynthetik (Add Buddy, Send Message)

well, then. I'm quite the individual...i'm unique...i'm dark...i'm disturbed and quite insane...u have to know me to get to know all these perspectives...because i can be depressed, sensitive, and utterly vain...then the next week/day later...all hyped up and ready to kill someone...or i can just be plain vicious...or sensitive...or vain...those are my main moods...and then i have my 'intelligent' solemn...polite...elegant mood...that appears once in a while...xD' creepy ,eh?
(whispers) i'm...13...>>''''....<<'''...^-^' let that just be our little secret, eh? I'm if u happen to be a neo-nazi...i hate u...just to warn ya...I am a fairly open if u need a 'pal' i'm the kinda person that will always be there for u...unless u betray me...heh...ok now i shall stop ranting about idiotic hidiousness...
::the way i am::
morbid, sarcastic, romantic, intellectual, alone, darkly sentimental, hopelessly lost, vain, trusting, caring, fearful, cold, locked up, too open, afraid to love, afraid to be true, always in loss of words, and...more...just ask if needed Oo'
Interests:50: 'gothic', anime, asia, autumn, black and white drawings, books, castles, cds, cheese, claws, darkwave, diary of dreams, dvds, ecstasy, edgar allan poe, essays, eternity., europe, excessive use of eyeliner, gir, horror, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, l'amme immortelle, love, mist, mountain dew, mp3s, music, pagan, pain, photography, pigs, rain, razed in black, researching, romania, silver, snow, squee, supernatural, switchblade symphony, the dawn, the night, thriller, vampires, victorian era, wedding gowns, winter, zim
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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