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Below is information about the "PackagePals" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:packagefun (56119)
About: ~* Welcome to Package Pals*~

-This is a place for PackagePals and also PenPals. I know everyone enjoys getting little things in the mail, So..Here's the place for you! Enjoy and Have fun!

The Rules-

*Everyone who joins has to introduce themselves, there is a short survey you can use to help you.
*If you send a package out to someone, please post who you're sending a package to and if it has been sent or not.

-*- Also, If you have any questions please let me know.


1. What's your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. What things do you collect?
4. What genre of music do you enjoy?
5. If you're a book fan, what books do you enjoy?
6. This community is based upon trading packages or sending letters, Which would you like?
7. What is your e-mail?
8. If you decided upon getting packages, what kind of packages would you like to be sent to you?
9. What sort of treats do you like?
10. Will you be an awesone pal to this community?

If you have any questions..Please contact xsanguinex
Interests:12: candies, cds, designs, faeries, gifts, mail, music, necklaces, packagepals, penpals, stationary, treats
Members:62: abcdie, aettrynecyssan, aleeshahseela, angelita03, askani, aussiekitty, aznkitten, bean_, cherryhead, citric_acid, coldflame, concrete_angelx, crawling, creatorkatie, cyanidekisses, deathofautumn, dietjournal2003, digitaldreamer, dontforget_, emotragedies, empressleona, foreverred, fraisy, glassgirl, hollow_tears, incandescence, itchzero, i_havesinned_, katiej, kiness, kristysmystery, kytten, lilsinsual, meganrae, moonshot, mylifefubar, narcotica, no_fun, p1nkyswear, parfait, power_off, princess_tease, psychoducky, purpleraven, return, sageofrage, sarahswingset, sexteen, sharnz, shydee, sorrowfulsmile, splode, theredshoes, tinydasha, toujinomiko, ultimatrix, vanillarain, virginalslut, weak, xsanguinex, yourfallenstar, _snow_white_
Watched by:29: angelita03, aussiekitty, coldflame, creatorkatie, deathofautumn, dietjournal2003, empressleona, glassgirl, itchzero, kiness, kristysmystery, meganrae, mylifefubar, narcotica, no_fun, parfait, power_off, purpleraven, return, sageofrage, sarahswingset, shydee, sorrowfulsmile, ultimatrix, vanillarain, virginalslut, xsanguinex, yourfallenstar, _snow_white_
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