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Below is user information for ·.·.·Sky. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pacifiers (61223)
AOL IM:using sky (Add Buddy, Send Message)

··( <3 )·· Hi ;] My name is Sky. I'm eighteen years old, and very much in love and attached to Trevor. He is my world, and I love him so so very much. We have been together since October 25th, 2002; and plan to stay together forever and ever. I love you so much baby<3333

··( loves )·· Trevor, hello kitty, fairies, angels, sesame chicken, falling stars, kittens, hamsters, puppies, cartoons, music, babies, writing, friends, love, clouds, moons, stars, blue, lavender, lilacs, cool water, beaches, koala bears, piercings, poetry, expressive feelings, care bears, rainbow brite, popples, hummingbirds, porcelain dolls, fairytales, unicorns, teddy bears, rainbows, AiM, nighttime, screaming, silver jewelry, good days, trance, hearts, happy tears.

··( hates )·· hypocrites, liars, pricks, pop music, scooby doo, hatred, whores, onions, pickles, throwing up, illness, stupid people, illiterateness, tomatoes, mornings, rain, cough syrup, throat spray, death, backstabbers, sleepyness, green peppers, abusers, drugs, alcohol, cold weather, seperation, drifting apart from loved ones, flat drink, burned cookies, monsters, scary things, the dark, ex-boyfriends, dumb cartoons, gold jewelry.

··( EA's )·· Want one? IM me @ using sky.
·· suppress, stiffies, drought, poisoning, binky, booboos, deprive, glaring, occupy, meows, touches, topless_, meek, sophisticate, educate.
Friends:30: 11232002, aolers, ball, bisexuals, blown_kisses, boysarepigs, brooklyn, canadian, caressings, darc, gangs, gob, hypnotizing, infamouzshawtii, nummiful, ohmygosh, orgasmically, osiris, piinkskateboard, talk, trevor, vibrator, vidette, walking_orgasm, xtiina_, _addicted, _exposed, _glitterized, _hollister, _johnzwifey
Friend of:10: 11232002, aolers, blown_kisses, nummiful, vibrator, w4nksta, walking_orgasm, x_virginal, _exposed, _glitterized
Account type:Early Adopter

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