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Below is user information for HeLLO :o]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:p0opii_ (161936)
Name:HeLLO :o]
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:Title/Descriptionwho is she?
. .the name is megan;P i was born on may 17 1990 . . . i think differently. im told im stubborn, straight-forward, opinionated etc. im really moody ;/ im lefthanded so that makes me cool ;P .. i just might add you .. i do weird things, im an oddball <3 i try to think maturely about life and stuff, but i like to have fun and be immature ;D i try to be strong and not change for people. but i have problems with thinking too much about stuff. i cant handle liars and i catch them all the time. i like to talk alot. and im REALLY indecisive. thats pretty much it. just so you know, my lifes boring :/

Title/Description stuff i just adore
forest gump ; PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN. ; lotr ; chocolat ; edward scissorhands ; clinique happy ; ice cream ; the smell of fresh laundry ; summertime and painting my toenails ; animals ;) ; rain and thunder ; london, swiss. ; ; massages ; dew on the grass in the morning ;flipflops ; sunkissed faces ; legally blonde ; down with love ; blue crush ; swimming ; beach ; birdbaths ; splashing ; exploring ; taking walks in the rain ; airplanes ; vacationing ; traveling ; writing ; FOOD ; fruit smoothies ; waffles ; strawberries ; chocolate ; plumbs ; peaches ; alfredo ; titanic ; crying ; fashion ; photography ; hippies ; the 80s ; boats ; orlando bloom ; JOHNNY DEPP ; adam sandler ; jim carrey ; cosby show! ; bob hope ; shia lebough.. lebuff? me no no ; cookies ; george clooney ; p. diddy ;P ; 7th heaven ;x ; my floatie shoes!! sugar shoes ; loofahs ; punk'd! ;P ; zoos ; 80s music ; micheal j. fox ; viggo mortensen ; jason biggs ; REDSOX ; CANES ; ferris buelers day off ; tickling ; 7th heaven ; tom hanks ; philosophy ; brownies ; curve ; toesocks ; eyes ; bikinis ; bob marley ; laughing ; lotss more ;)

Title/Description musical preference
ill pretty much listen to anything, i dont have a certain style. i like 80s music and bands, the rock and the pop, even though it can be cheesy ;x blondie ; no doubt ; the police ; sting ; rhcp ; the ataris ; the ramones ; the clash ; p. diddy ; tlc ; bruce springstein :P ( i take from my daddy ) bob marley ; thats just some .. i even like classical! <3

Title/Description Dear God, you can delete these..
liars ; drugs ; smoking ; players ; dumb people ; immature people ; alchohol ; racism ; neo-nazis ; hypocrites ; animal abuse ; josh hartnett ; feet smells ; melted butter ; knots and cricks in your back ; freddie prinze jr ; people who arent themselves ; sunday afternoons ; porn ; covering unshowered bodies with hairspray and make up ; vomitting ; illness ; disease ; .. more later?

im a dork. heres proof. hahaha <3

Memories:2 entries
Interests:77: ;), animals, balloons, beach, bikinis, blondie, bob marley, bubbles, canes, carebears, clinique happy, clothes, clouds, cosby, cotton candy, cuddling, exploring, flea, flipflops, fresh laundry, fruit, hippies, hot chocolate, hugs, johnny depp, laughing, loofahs, nail polish, nfg, no doubt, orbit, orlando bloom, painting, paradise, perfume, photography, pillows, play-doh, polka dots, potc, puffs, punk'd, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, redsox, reggae, rings, rock, shampoo, shopping, showers, ska, sleep, smiles, smoothies, starbucks, stars, sugar shoes, sunflowers, swimming, tanktops, the ataris, the police, thunderstorms, titanic, toes, toesocks, tom hanks, traveling, trees, tulips, underwear, water, writing, yogurt, zoos
Friends:30: candyswirl, comicsupergirl, dorkk, eyeballz, gatorgirlcs, heartbr0_kenxq, iin0centh0ughtz, iovestruck, i_have_pr0blems, krazixbeautiful, luvbugkb, ohso____, smo0thiiez, soshady, sourxkisses, st0lenkiizzies, t0esocks, teenagexriot, that_good, ticklexmexpunk, timeless__, to0_abn0rmal, toxic_air, tr0pical_grl, tubet0p, unwanted, xx_p0ptarts, _glowstixx, _transparentx, _wo0oo0oo
Friend of:29: candyswirl, comicsupergirl, corruptedxbarbi, dorkk, dreamy_eyez, eyeballz, gatorgirlcs, heartbr0_kenxq, iin0centh0ughtz, iovestruck, i_have_pr0blems, krazixbeautiful, luvbugkb, ohso____, seduceme, sourxkisses, st0lenkiizzies, teenagexriot, that_good, timeless__, to0_abn0rmal, toxic_air, tubet0p, unwanted, xoxo_lilqt_xoxo, xx_p0ptarts, _glowstixx, _transparentx, _wo0oo0oo
Member of:1: icons_
Account type:Early Adopter

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