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Below is user information for OzzyM. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ozzym (284471)
Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Interests:150: aerobatics, airplanes, airports, alabama, animals, anita blake, arizona, artwork, astrology, astronomy, australia, autumn, bowling, bubble wrap, camping, canada, castles, catalina island, cats, cheesecake, chex mix, china, chocolate, christmas, clothes, clouds, coca-cola, computers, costuming, country music, crafts, delta airlines, desserts, dragonflies, dvds, earthquakes, edward gory, first aid, fishing, fog, forensics, forests, gardens, garfield, garlic, geology, george carlin, german shepards, ghost stories, ghosts, good food, griffins, guns, halloween, harrison ford, hawks, herbs, hiking, history, horse-back riding, horses, hummingbirds, hunting, huskies, ice cream, ideas, imagination, internet, japan, jewelry, jewels, kids, larp, lightning, magic, meteors, midnight, miniature golf, moon, moose, mountains, movies, mp3s, mud, nature, nights, oceans, owls, paleontology, pears, peirce brosnen, photography, pine cones, pine trees, plants, poker, pringles, puppies, rain, ravens, reading, reincarnation, rivers, road runners, robert schimmel, role-playing games, roses, russia, sca, science (natural), science-fiction, scrapbooking, sean bean, sean connery, sex, sharks, sleeping, squirrels, stamping, star wars, stars, storms, sunsets, sword fighting, tarot, tea, teaching, teasing, theater, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tide pools, time travel, trains, traveling, trees, trucks, unicorns, used bookstores, vampires, vernors, volcanoes, werewolves, whales, wildlife, wind, wolves, word searches, writing, yellowstone
Friends:8: ceili, darksideslady, owlstorm, possum, razldazzl72, tazbrooke, thespian15, toe_knee
Friend of:6: ceili, darksideslady, owlstorm, possum, razldazzl72, toe_knee
Account type:Free User

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