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Below is information about the "Over 18" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:over18 (32585)
Name:Over 18
Website:Comment here to join

(Members of this community can get one of these buttons by going to this post.

From the beginning, Blurty has been 18+. However, it is not until recently that the abuse team has been active in pursuing those who break the rules. The members of this community support this action, and most have helped in some way, by either reporting minors, allowing us some comic relief on their behalf, or just lending their moral support to the abuse team.

If you want to help this cause, please join us. There are a few rules, however, so please take the time to read them:

  1. This is for those who want to make Blurty an over 18+ journalling community. If you don't like that, then don't ask to join.
  2. Do not advertise other communities here. If you have a community that you think should be affiliated with this one, please comment on a post here by sats or in her journal and she will add you to the list.
  3. Absolutely no introduction-only posts. This is not an adult addme or chat community.
  4. Do not post underage users' names here until you receive a reply from the AI team that they have been suspended.
  5. Do not disable comments on a post. It's rude and serves no purpose. This isn't a high-traffic community; you won't get spammed.
  6. Respect others and the rules or risk being removed and/or banned from the community.

Anonymous commenting has been disabled for this community. More importantly, anyone (of any age) posting inflammatory comments or posts in this community or harrassing myself or another member through IMs or comments in personal journals, will be banned, without warning.

Due to harrassment of the listed users here, the banned list has been removed. I'm very sorry to all involved.

Related Communities

The following communities are 18+ addme communities (please go to these to make friends): over_18yrs and thecoffeehouse.

over18_comm is for community moderators who run or are trying to run an adult-only community.

For those of you that want to make fun of the n00bs we are trying to get rid of, please join idiotsanonymous.

advancedsextips is the 18+ equivilent of sextips, without the mindless "OMG!!! i thynk im prgnt!" posts.

Thank you so much to girl_friday for creating such a fantastic community.
Memories:17 entries
Interests:19: abuse, adults, blurty, blurty abuse,, children, communities, enforce, kids, no underagers, over 18, support, teenagers, teens, terms of service, tos, under 18, underage, underage journals
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Member of:1: idiotsanonymous
Account type:Early Adopter

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