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User:outrageously (182978)

All my life I've waited for someone like you.
and I thank God that I finally found you.

Info: kimberly. female. taken. seventeen. califonia. fun. cute. loved. adored. weird. annoying. outgoing. happy. red hair. hazel eyes. 5'2". 110lbs. tan. ears peirced. Likes: country music. pop music. percings. tattoos. sex. shawn. friends. kisses. aol. journals. love songs. justin timberlake. wake/snowboarding. seadoos. shopping. dancing, singing. having fun. partying. sleeping. exercising. 4wheelers and quads. thongs. cellphone. Dislikes: fakes. joqqers. people who talk shit. getting my heart broken. drugs. slow drivers. cigarettes. hypocrites. sluts My journal: Is not friends' only until I feel the need to do so. Comment and ask to be added if you want. If I add you, then add me back. If I dont add you within a few days, get over it. Please don't leave "hate" comments on here.. they'll be deleted immediately.

Interests:73: 4wheelers, abercrombie & fitch, aim, aol, beach, being organized, blurty, boyfriend, britney spears, butterflies, camping, candy, cars, cellphone, concerts, cuddling, dancing, drawing, driving, eating, eyeshadow, friends, fun, hearts, hollister co., hugging, justin timberlake, kissing, krista, laughing, laughlin, lipgloss, lotion, love, make-up, manicures, movies, nsync, orgasms, pampering, pedicures, perfume, phone, piercings, powder, presents, reading, reality shows, seadoos, sean paul, sex, shawn, shoes, shopping, showers, singing, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, summer, sweatpants, sweatshirts, talk shows, talking, tanning, thongs, titanic, tongue rings, traveling, tummys, tv, wakeboarding, winter
Friends:10: approval, caressings, fuhqu, p1mp, studd, stupid_ass, sweetxlindsey, xlust, _babyd0ll, _memories
Friend of:4: approval, stupid_ass, xlust, _memories
Member of:2: lay_me_out, psptutorials
Account type:Early Adopter

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