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User:our_night_life (9836)
Location:Pennsylvania, United States

Interests:132: 10000 maniacs, 16 candles, a new found glory, adbusters, american beauty, anatomy, ani difranco, anomalies, anti-advertising, anti-corporate, anti-mtv, argyle, art, baby blue, barefoot, beatles, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben kweller, biology, black, blink 182, bright eyes, bush, but im a cheerleader, cheese, chemistry, chinese food, chocolate, college, connor oberst, conor oberst, conservation, counting crows, cranberries, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, degas, dirty dancing, doug, drawing, dreams, elliott smith, emo, euctalyptus, fireflies, flowers, foliage, fortune cookies, further seems forever, geek rock, german, goodwill, grilled cheese sandwhich, hot rod circuit, hot showers, ice cream, idealism, indie, indigo girls, jazz, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, june, knapsack, laughing, learning, led zeppelin, left handed, life, lima beans, lip balm, listening, mail, mario bros. 3, may, mineral, mint, napping, optimism, otis redding, painting, pedro the lion, periwinkle, piebald, pink floyd, powerpuff girls, pretty in pink, psychology, punk, requiem for a dream, revolt, rocking horse winner, rolling stones, rt. 896, saddle creek, sandals, saved by the bell, saves the day, school, science, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snuggling, sociology, solitude, something corporate, spearmint, spring, stars, stickers, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, tea, teeth, the anniversary, the breakfast club, the desaparecidos, the get up kids, the good life, the jealous sound, the new amsterdams, the promise ring, the royal tennenbaums, the strokes, trainspotting, vagrant, vegetables, waiting for guffman, weezer
Friends:37: 80schildren, anti_avril, anti_jailbait, bleach_the_sky, brokenxrobot, burnedarrogance, circuitsix, corporate_punk, crosbystills, cyanidekisses, emo_kids, ender, ghostlike, hxc_emo, indierock, jimmyeatworld, killyouradio, killyourpopidol, letsrollerskate, masquerade, oh_darling, sadisticteddy, sad_rock, sarkydevotchka, savebythebell, something_corp, soup, sunrise_sunset, takeitorleaveit, thequestionclub, thestrokes, trl_sucks, villain, wallflower_, xemoxstarx, _downfall, _unwell_
Friend of:17: brokenxrobot, corporate_punk, crosbystills, ender, ghostlike, ilovealpacas, luckybombshell, masquerade, oh_darling, sarkydevotchka, soup, takeitorleaveit, villain, wallflower_, wastedyears, _downfall, _unwell_
Member of:11: 80schildren, anti_avril, anti_jailbait, emo_kids, indierock, jimmyeatworld, over_18yrs, something_corp, sunrise_sunset, thestrokes, trl_sucks
Account type:Early Adopter

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