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Below is user information for <3 Dani Jaganshi: Dreamer & Believer <3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:otakugyrl (61266)
Name:<3 Dani Jaganshi: Dreamer & Believer <3
Website:Mystical World of Me
Location:katy, Texas, United States
AOL IM:Otakugyrl (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hiya. It's me. A unique soul, unique person. Loves many things. I love anime, and especially Hiei (yuyu hakusho)... among other anime's. Usually set aside... an outcast in ways, a loner in others. My active imagination is something I enjoy, while others usually crush. Very few have, do, or will ever understand me. If you're willing to try, take my hand and listen.

[About Me]

Name: Lonely Heart
Birthdate: July 6,1982
Occupation: Currently a "shift leader/key holder" at Hollywood Video-- Future professional singer/actress/writer
Status: Single. Prolly always will be.
Love: Anime. Writing. Drawing. All of that "good" stuff...
Education: Top 25% graduating class of 2000

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User Number: 698747
Date Created:09-09-02
Number of Posts: 42

Otakugyrl has been on Live Journal since September and does alot of talking, hence her long lj entries. She enjoys talking *alot*. She also loves anime, alot. However a \"newbie\" at it, she does know quite alot about it. She loves to draw, sing, dance, and write. Loves to draw on paper and on the computer, however not the best. She is also a poet, a musician (of sorts), an artist, and has quite an active imagination.
Strengths: Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z, music, and anything she adores. Also her mother, and family and close friends.
Weaknesses: Hiei, Trunks, Alex McLean; short-temper, stubborn, all of which are also strengths.
Special Skills: VERY friendly and helpful. Chooses and attempts to help everyone she possibly can. Can connect on people on more than one level, and usually easily understands others. Imagintion.
Weapons: Has a tendency to bite, vampire-like qualities. Also hit, and somewhat violent.
Something To Know:: Her imagination is something she values, alot. It can be a weakness and a strength all the same. She usually lives in a world of her own, writing or drawing about it. Also hard for people to understand her, if anyone truly does. She will protect anyone she knows, if given the chance and if need be.

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Love & Friendship
A mere human with the strength and ability of an angel, healer and more.
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card of strength of love and peace, for those loyal to. A card of elemental of the flame of a fire, that can be used for the good or the protection needed.
Reversed: Distrust, backstabbing, lies, hatred, betrayal.
Element of Friendship & Protection: Although it is obvious of the flame of fire in the hand of this card, it is a flame of fire descent and water descent. The strength of both elements of that which it represents. Along with the protection she holds over those loyal to her. Friendship and protection is of which this card holds.

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My empty heart plays a song
And a dream of things that can't go wrong
Of love and joy and something new
Of something that very few
Of us may ever feel
Or believe is real
My empty heart see's my love
The one with wings sent from above
My empty heart dreams of this guy
But, alas, tis but a dream. Why?
Interests:27: anime, backstreet boys, buffy the vampire slayer, dancing, dragonball, dragonball gt, dragonball z, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, hiei, inuyasha, kagome, kouga, kurama, miroku, music, n sync, poetry, shippou, singing, trunks, vegita, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuu yuu hakusho
Friends:7: booness, iori_yagami, i_love_inuyasha, piro13, uotani, xecho_sidex, yamikarasu
Friend of:6: booness, iori_yagami, i_love_inuyasha, piro13, uotani, yamikarasu
Account type:Early Adopter

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