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Below is user information for surfer girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:orangecounty (148059)
Name:surfer girl
Website:top five.
Location:Manila, NCR, Philippines
Interests:127: alex greenwald, alternative, arts, at the drive-in, barbie's cradle, beanie babies, bikinis, billabong, blink 182, blue, books, bowling, bruise, c.s.i., candies, casey affleck, cellphone, chasing amy, cheese, chicago, clothes, coheed and cambria, colin hanks, concerts, crayons, d'sound, dancing, dazed and confused, design, drawing, drums, drumsticks, emo, empire records, ethan embry, father of the bride, ferrero rocher, film, finch, fiona apple, foo fighters, freddie prinze jr., further seems forever, garden fresh, garfield, greyhoundz, guess? kids, high fidelity, hives, ice cream, imago, incubus, jared leto, jellybeans, john cusack, josh hartnett, kapatid, kevin smith, les miserables, letters to cleo, lilith fair, lizard, lollapalooza, lollipops, mallrats, massages, mojo fly, monsters inc., moonstar 88, movies, multimedia, music, musicrakan, my best friend's wedding, nick hornby, no doubt, nu 107.5, oleander, open hand, orange, orange county, paint, phantom planet, pictures, posters, pretty in pink, punk, quiksilver, reading, reality bites, red hot chili peppers, renee zellwegger, requiem for a dream, ripcurl, robert schwartzman, rock, rock and roll, roxy, sarongs, save ferris, scrapbooks, serendipity, sixteen candles, splender, spongebob squarepants, starting line, stitch, sugar free, surfing, swimming, taking back sunday, tattoos, the clerks, thursday, tori amos, tracy bonham, tragic kingdom, trainspotting, trenchcoats, true faith, u, unbearable lightness of being, vertical horizon, video, videos, wahine, watermelon
Friends:18: beachiemix, effronterie, francesbean, funkfaith, girltuesday, godchaser, goin_gaga, maderpaker, mela, miel, moonfl0wer, nixxienix, prettie_in_p1nk, summer_stargirl, theenafie, topfive, tribalwing, wedgie112
Account type:Early Adopter

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