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Below is user information for Ophelia Fairy Godmother of Outcasts. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ophelia_snow (111577)
Name:Ophelia Fairy Godmother of Outcasts
Website:Eris Studios
Location:Narnia, United States
Bio:I'm a pixie

I'm a paperdoll,

I'm a cartoon

I'm a chipper cheerful free for all,

and I light up a room

I'm the color me happy girl

Miss live and let live

and when they're out for blood

I always give

I'm not a psycho.. I'm pathologically High Spirited...:)


unbearable days until Return of the King

Interests:150:, and one, ani difranco, art, astrology, bats, beborn beton, belly dancing, bellydance, big stompy boots, bjork, body modification, books, brian froud, buffy, candles, celtic, changeling, cherokee, chocolate, christopher walkin, cocteau twins, coil, corsetry, corsets, cosmetics, costume design, costume jewelry, costuming, crafts, current 93, curve, cyndi lauper, dark art, dark crystal, dead can dance, delirium, detachable shower heads, die form, dollz, drawing, dreaming, duran duran, edward gorey, eeyore, elf hos, elves, faerie boys, faerie kings, faerie wings, faeries, fairy tales, fake hair, fantasy costumes, farscape, fashion design, fiction, fire spinning, fuzzy blankets, gardening, ghetto booty, gir, glitter, goblins, goth, gothic lolita, graphic design, hair extensions, halloween, harley quinn, harlow, harry potter, heath ledger, hello kitty, herbalism, human drama, inkubus sukkubus, invader zim, james marsters, jareth, jim henson, jthm, labryinth, latex, legend, lemony snicket, lenore, lord of the rings, lovecraft, lush, magick, makeup, miranda sex garden, monty python, my bloody valentine, mythology, neil gaiman, nmbc, orlando bloom, pagan, patchwork, peter murphy, photography, photoshop, pin-up art, plastic hair, platform shoes, powerpuff girls, practical magic, ragdolls, rain, rasputina, ravenclaw, reading, ren and stimpy, sandman, sarah mclaughlin, sci-fi, sewing, shakespeare, shoegaze, sleep, sol invictus, spiders, spiderwebs, stevie nicks, stripes, stripey toe socks, surfing, suza scalora, tank girl, target, tarot cards, tattooed boys, tattooed girls, tattoos, the cure, the princess bride, the tick, theatrical makeup, tim burton, tolkien, tori amos, velvet, vnv nation, west memphis three, witchcraft, wolfsheim, xanadu, yoga
Friends:3: fishberryjam, glamourbombs, miss_anthropy
Friend of:1: fishberryjam
Member of:1: glamourbombs
Account type:Early Adopter

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