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Below is user information for Spaghetti King. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ooszoo (690846)  
Name:Spaghetti King
Website:My Faceparty
Location:Gloucester, United Kingdom
AOL IM:OoSZoO (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Gimp_it_up (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Im feelin like a dog in heat..Barred indoors from the summer street, i locked the door to my hotel and i lost the keyy...Bite my lip and close my eyes, take me away to paridise, im so damn bored im goin blind and i smell like shiiiit I'VE GOT NO MOTIVATION, WHERE IS MY MOTIVATION?...NO TIME FOR MOTIVATION..smoking my inspirationnn..I like penguins ^_^
So i was saying, the goat just loved it!!
Im 18, 6ft5, hung like a donkey ;)
Who am i? spiderman!
Interests:149: adam sandler, afi, afro, alien, aliens, alkaline trio, american pie, anime, apc, avril lavigne, bad religion, bass guitar, beavis & butt-head, bed, beer, ben stiller, black, blue, bo selecta, bob mortimer, bottom, braindead, budweiser, bum, bumfluff, cheese, cheesecake, cherry coke, chod, chop suey, cinema, computers, cristina scabbia, daron malakian, deftones, dirty sanchez, donuts, doritos, drums, dude, eastenders, evil dead, family guy, fight club, finch, funeral for a friend, ghosts, gimp, greenday, gta, guitar, halo, hatebreed, hob nobs, homer, horror, hulk, hundred reasons, i pity the fool, iain lee, ice cream, jack black, jackass, jay, jizzle, john dolmayan, johnny depp, juneau, katana, kinky, legolas, lick, little britain, little nicky, lock up, love, marmite, maynard james keenan, metal, metallica, million dead, mini cheddars, monkey, morrowind, movies, mr t, music, nakey, never mind the buzzcocks, oos oos, oral, pancho, parabola, peephole, phil jupitus, piercing, poison the well, pot noodle, proper bo, punk, punk girls, pussy, red dwarf, road trip, rock, rock on, rock show, rocky, scars, screaming, scrubs, sean william scott, serj tankian, shavo odajian, shooting stars, shouting, silent bob, simpsons, sims, six feet under, sleep, snoochie boochies, snow, soad, soup, south park, spiderman, squirrels, steve o, tenacious d, terminator, the office, thrice, thug, tits, tom green, tongues, tool, toxicity, tsunami bomb, turnips, vic reeves, wank, waterboy, wee man, wet, xbox, xmen, zoo
Friends:2: eternalrapture, lovestheansa
Friend of:1: eternalrapture
Account type:Free User

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