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User:oolauraoo (177747)
Name:i love u
Location:florence, United States
AOL IM:jerseygirl21xo (Add Buddy, Send Message)

hey everyone here's a little about name is laura i go to saint pauls school i have brown hair blue/green eyes and im tall & kinda tan my birthday is october 17..i live in NJ .. its really boring sometimes i play softball cheering & BASKETBALL :] <-- love it <3 i sail in the summer* the best people are there & the weirdest!& lol lauren.. my nick names are agent roxy michelle laur laurz i am single // what else is new? i do not like anybody currently but i did i have a mom & a dad 2 brother's 17 & 4 louie & ryan and a puppie snickers aww hes adorable *

all american rejects! . food! . pickles . snickers . a&f . areopostale . wet seal . hott guys . 7th heaven . summer . simple plan . mest . GC . lilix . ashton kutcher . sean willam scott . aim . good moods . tru friends ! . phone . softball . cheering . gynastics . partys . basketball . sail . weekends . days off .

cold days . gold jewlery . fights . cheating . smoking . drugs . mean people lol . waking up early . being sick . homework . week days .

im thanking EVERY one who has helped me starting from day one who started me with my blurty was marythanx so much! you started me up in the blurty business! :] also.. thanx to alexwho helped me customize my blurty thanx so much ! jamiewho got my blurty to this style with the backround not this one current but my finding nemo that was the cutest thanx hehe :] kerri
who helped me with this adorable bio! without her i wouldnt have this! thanx so much ifallandbleed [ZOE] who MADE my icon'S & did my hilary duff layout aww so sweet of her for me shes the best ! everyone who helped me from day 1 ! <3

paper heart . one more sad song . last song . blue side . cadilac . whats the dilio . adams song . its about time . la la la . chelsea . crazy in love . drive away . girl all the bad guys want . hold on . my alien . my love is like whoa . welcome to paradise . peaches . play my game . stacys mom . so gone . hands down .


ashanti ROCK WiT ME version [1.o]

hilary duff YOUR SO YESTERDAY version [2.o]

STALK ME"></b>

email --»
aim --»jerseygirl21xo

Interests:11: basketball, cheering, computer, friends, guys, much more, phone, pickels, snickers, softball, summer
Friends:16: breathlessox, entertaining, flexiexlexii, heartchains, heatherbaby, imperfectstar, i_make_lay0uts, nikkixbabey, summer_nites, unwantedxx, x0becca, x0gina, xolainababey, xoosam, xoxbryana, _juiicy
Friend of:8: heartchains, heatherbaby, imperfectstar, shiiningstarxo, summerangelxo, unwantedxx, x0becca, xoosam
Member of:1: entertaining
Account type:Early Adopter

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