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User:oochipmunkoo (86414)
Location:revere, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:michelly143 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:sOo if u havent guessed mii name is michelle.. i live in this citii called revere where gurlz luv ta spread ya business even if it isnt true. im fifteen turnin sixteen in october. my closest friends in life are thuha shauna jessica and evelyn. i love those girls with my whole heart and id give anything for any of them.. i trust them with mii life. however those are the onli 4 people who i really can trust.. cant have it all =0/ so yeh. im a straight chick n i got a boi named joe disney.. hes a cool guy.. i think its just bc his last names disney but its all good right? jK but yeh. i kno some real shallow girlz that like ta chill tagetha.. they include me shauna mosie jen melly shana nadia and annette. we called our selves shallow crew then shortend it to S-crew n later realized it spelled the word "screw" so yeh thats wut we call ourselves now. we haven't all gotten together in a while but weneva we do something interesting alwaiz happens. but a little more about me. im a pretty nice person id say. kinda immature at times but who doesnt wish they could be five again? i just take it a step further and act like i really am. i could be the most caring person in the world but if u get on my bad side its really hard to get off of it. some things i cant stand are people who talk shit about what they dont even understand, racists, sexists, prejudice against any minority acctually. ud prolly think i wouldnt care considerin im a blonde hair light eyed white girl but i dont know. things like that boil my blood. more things i dont like. liars, cheaters, dishonest people of any sort. i dont understand the point of lien to people about most things. i understand that every once in a while there is an exception but i like to be told the complete truth no matter what the situation. i hate people the cheat on their significant other. ive never cheated on a guy b4 and ive never been cheated on to my knowledge. i dont expect to try hard to be faithful and get walked on. if ur not happy with a person and u feel like u need to go else where for somthing they're not giving you.. break up with them. love isnt rocket science. even tho its difficult at times i think if u stay real with the person ur with then u can get over almost anything. i think the onli way to avoid heart ache is to not fall in love. everything ends. no matter what. and a person never gets over loving some one. they onli get used to the pain of losing them. so even if u stai with a person til death.. theres still the possibility of death. no one goes thru a pain free life. i know i havent. i mean i have it good compared to some people but my whole existence wasnt full of smiles and bright colors. about my habbits. im a bit of a nut wen it comes to occupying myself. watch out wen im hyper or bored. u onli get one life. right? i dont smoke i drink occasionally. im pretty much a good girl. i lissen to music almost constantly. i always have somthing playing in the back ground. if u were to make my life a movie my soundtrack would be all set. i like hip hop. but ill lissen to other things if they sound good. if u want to add me as a friend there are no rules.. i think those rules r pointless and if u expect me to add u back i will but dont expect me to check your entries every day and comment on all of them.. i will every once in a while but i cant waste my time trying to remember to. so any way thats about all u really need to know. if u have anything to ask me u can contact me on AIM at MiCheLLy143 or MichieBella143z other than that i hope you have a nice day and enjoy reading about my adventures. i assure u they'll leave u craving for more. =0)
love alwaiz -michelle
Interests:105: air hockey, american idol, animals, baby bop, baloons, bananas, barney, being on tv, belts, birds, blankets, blinky things, blue things, bob, boys, bras, bright colors, bubbles, cabinets, calculators, carnations, cartoons, cell phones, chapstick, cheese, cherries, clocks, closets, clothing, coat hangers, coloring, comdominiums, computers, country, cowboys, crabs, dancing, dealing crushed up chalk, dollar bills, donkeys, duck duck goose, ducks, elastics, eminem, fantasy football, florida, food, frozen objects, funky looking shoes, g-strings, glue guns, hide and seek, jackets, keys, lobster, long objects, lots of them, making friends, making fun of people, making noises, mickey, microphones, music, my mom, nachos, oldies, orbit gum, paintballing, pants, pimping, rabbits, reppin it, ringing, safaris, santa clause, shauna, shiny objects, shoelaces, singing, sleeping, smelly things, sponge bob square pants, staplers, stealing cars, swimming, tag, taking pictures, tape, taxi cabs, team tuff girls, the gay room, thongs, thuha, trees, tv, twilight zone, usa, vacuuming, washing dishes, water, water bottles, web cams, windows, xtc, your dad
Friends:10: 4methisisheaven, babiichiica, billythekid, foolishgrlx22, ladeedork, linkinparkbella, oosimpleeloveoo, ox8blondie7xo, starryiedbella, xolilsuga113ox
Friend of:9: 4methisisheaven, babiichiica, billythekid, foolishgrlx22, jordie, ladeedork, lilitlnangel145, ox8blondie7xo, xolilsuga113ox
Account type:Early Adopter

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