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User:onionspanker (143762)
Name:Rachel Bonaparte
Location:Oakfield, New York, United States

Em, I'm just a 21 year old female of the human race. I reside on the continent of North America I WANT TO LIVE IN THE BLOODY DESERTS OF ARABIA! Heeeheeeheeheee. Other than that, all you need to know is ONE DAY I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GA HAHAHA!
Memories:53 entries
Interests:109: 1920's, amadeus, anne rice, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, battlefields, beethoven, bette davis, bitching, books, borodin, british men, buddhism, butt, cakes, candles, castles!, cathedrals, chanting, charcoal, child of life!, christianity, classic movies, classical music, colin firth, communism, dancing, david lean, death!, debussy, depech mode, destruction!, doctor zhivago, dvorak, earnest hemingway, egypt, film, flappers, frank lloyd wright, gone with the wind, gypsies, handel, harmony, hate, hemingway, history, hot beef, ireland, jane austin, joan of arc, john!, johnny depp, katherine hepburn, keanu reeves, lawrence of arabia, led zeppelin, marie antoinette, maurice jarre, middle ages, middle eastern studies, mirrors, monks, movies, mozart, mummies, music, musicals, nature, nine inch nails, onion hating, opera, orlando bloom, oscar wilde, paul simon, peace, peter gabriel, peter o'toole, phil collins, philosophy, piano, psychology, rain in the sunlight, ramon novarro, rap, rimsky korsakov, robert plant, robert redford, rudolph valentino, russia, shakespeare, silent movies, singing, strauss, sunrises, swing music, t.e.lawrence, the lion in winter, the matrix, the vampire lestat, theatre, theology, tibet, tolkien, tom cruise, travel, vampires, violin, what's new pussycat?
Friends:64: alancumming, arwens_daddy, auksunna, beep_my_tits, big_stick, black_wolftyre, boromirs_dead, brode_pita, claudia_face, dire_wolf, drbhello, fenris_fenrir, flying_mushroom, frodo2004, funnyquoteface, gahan_is_god, hopkins_bopkins, hughjackman1012, i_am_lestat, i_am_marius, jeremy_irons, joshuagroban, joshua_charles, jude_eye666, keanu_bitch, kittensmitten, legolas_butt, lilacwine141, littlegothdoll, louis_depointe, macy_gee, matildalivewoom, melly_belly, merr_y_mint, morbidevilgirl, mozart_lives, musicisdead, nuzzibear, onionspanker, oscar, pandora666, part9, pernambuco_07, peter_leg, peytonmanning, pippinpotpie, play_dome, poeticpsycho757, potayto_sam, roast_beef, santaxes12, sex_ranger666, shawnash, silly_armand, skateguitar, sprucey_bruce, stanzi_wanzi, sweatybitchtits, therightstuffin, the_sheik, toxicomano, ukielonglegs, wethreeporks, xo_orlando_ox
Friend of:41: alancumming, beep_my_tits, big_stick, black_wolftyre, boromirs_dead, brode_pita, dire_wolf, drbhello, fenris_fenrir, flying_mushroom, frodo2004, funnyquoteface, gahan_is_god, hughjackman1012, i_am_lestat, jeremy_irons, jerk_body, joshuagroban, joshua_charles, keanu_bitch, legolas_butt, littlegothdoll, louis_depointe, luthien7, macy_gee, matildalivewoom, merr_y_mint, morbidevilgirl, mozart_lives, onionspanker, pandora666, peter_leg, peytonmanning, pippinpotpie, potayto_sam, santaxes12, shawnash, sweatybitchtits, the_sheik, toxicomano, wethreeporks
Account type:Early Adopter

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