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User:onebaby2another (117944)  
Name:Tangled up in blue
Location:Melbourne, Australia

think for your self and question authority

19/female/Melbourne...This is my place (in endless space) to write...simple as that

Interests:144: a perfect circle, abstract art, alice in chains, almost famous, alt rock, alternative, american beauty, anarchy, andy warhol, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anti-globalisation, art, art galleries, astrology, audioslave, band shirts, beaches, beavis and butthead, big day out, bisexuality, bjork, black, black metal, black stuff, bob dylan, body piercing, bourbon, bumper stickers, buttons, calvin and hobbes, cameras, candles, cds, coffee, concerts, conversation, counting crows, creativity, cruel intentions, customising clothing, dave matthews, donnie darko, dr martens, drama, dreads, dreams, eyeliner, eyes, fight club, filmmaking, fire-eating, fire-stick twirling, fireworks, freaks, friends of the earth, frogs, garbage, girl interrupted, glow sticks, gothic, gypsy, hair fetish, hard rock, high fidelity, hugs, individuality, industrial, inspiration, irony, jack black, jackson pollock, jimi hendrix, kubrick, kurt cobain, lava lamps, layne staley, leonard cohen, love, marijuana, mary janes, medieval, meditation, melbourne, metallica, michael moore, morbid angel, moshing, museums, music, my violin, nirvana, not conforming, off ya tree, old school metal, open minded people, patches, pearl jam, photography, piercings, pink floyd, placebo, poe, poetry, posters, prodigy, rage, rage against the machine, rain, random, random stuff, reading, rem, road trips, rock, safety pins, sex pistols, sid & nancy, smashing pumpkins, smiles, spikes, stars, stephen king, sunflowers, surrealism, tai chi, tattoos, the muppets, the otways, the pixies, thunder storms, tool, triple j, vanilla sky, vegetarianism, velvet underground, violent femmes, vodka, water, wes craven, writers, writing, xavier rudd, yoga
Friends:9: azure_sky, bluewolf, dark_dreams, drewzak, love_iz_pain, selfhealer, staygone, yoursweetdemise, _used
Account type:Early Adopter

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