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Below is user information for Marley. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:one_more_drama (428095)
Location:United States
Bio:I'm 100% Swedish, and yes, I am blonde, but not an idiot.

I hate it when people go "Holllllaaaaaa" and I also don't like people with bad breath.

First impressions are everything, no matter what anyone says.

I like the show I love the eighties on VH1. Yay.

I hate AOL. And AIM when it won't connect. :x
Interests:113: all american rejects, american idol, anne frank, anti avril, ashton kutcher, austrailia, basketball, beaches, biking, board games, borders, children, cleaning, coldplay, cosmo, cosmogirl, coziness, dogs, dolphins, dr. phil, drawing, dreams, dvds, east coast, elmo, europe, eyes, fanfiction, fiona apple, florida, france, frogs, georgetown, germany, giggling, goals, good charlotte, gossip, gwen stefani, hiking, history, holocaust, horses, humour, huskies, icons, jack osbourne, jackass, jaime kennedy, jeans, kelly clarkson, kids, laughter, linkin park, magazines, malcolm in the middle, mandy moore, meg cabot, movies, mtv, music, new found glory, new york, new york city, new york university, no doubt, oceans, old movies, oprah, orlando bloom, paintings, photography, punk'd, quotes, rain, reading, real world, reality shows, reese witherspoon, road rules, running, shane west, shopping, simple plan, sleep, soccer, something corporate, sorority life, stars, sugarcult, sum 41, sun, surfing, sweden, target, tennis, the bachelor, the bachelorette, the beach boys, the used, tigers, tigger, tlc, tori amos, trading spaces, true life, walking, washington d.c., water, weird news, whales, when harry met sally, writing
Friends:5: chelsealisious, fallingreject4, littlemissbeth0, preppygal, starkist14
Friend of:3: chelsealisious, fallingreject4, starkist14
Account type:Free User

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