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Below is user information for Kasumi's Secret Diary. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:onanisuto (123668)
Name:Kasumi's Secret Diary
Website:a dEMONIC nERVE
Bio:This is "Kasumi's Secret Diary" blurty for the ADN section with the same name. It's a pseudo-fiction blog about things that could ocurr in YOUR life but it's highly probable that don't ocurr. Feel free to read, laugh, feel offended or whatever...
Interests:147: 69, aborted babies, abortion, accidents, aesthetics, alcohol, animanga, anime, asian food, atheist, baileys, bat-su, bat~su, beer, bernet, biiru, blogs, blood, bondage, broken bones, bunnies, cats, chaos, chesterfield, chinese food, cigarette lighters, cigarettes, clara de noche, codex astartes, crazy vocalists, crimson, crimson comics, cunilingus, daisuke, dead babies, dictators, dictatorship, die, dir en grey, disection, doggy, dollhead,, drummers are stupid, empty eye sockets, engrish, eye balls, fanatism, fellatio, fetish, fiction, fish, fish flakes, flcl, forceps, gore, gothic music, heavy metal, hentai, hide, homicide, html, imperial armies, infanticidia, j-rock, japan, jhonen vasquez, johnny, johnny the homicidal maniac, jrock, jrs, jthm, judas, kagerou, kaoru, kasumi, kicking babies, kicking dogs, kicking people, kicking pigeons, kyo, la:sadie's, leather, light bulbs, lord of the rings, lotr, lucifer luscious violenue, malice mizer, mana, manga, manganime, maria, marihuana, marijuana, mary-jane, merry, militar uniforms, miniatures, mp3s, mutillation, nail-bunny, nihongo, nny, obscene, obscene lyrics, octupus, oral, peter jackson, phillip morris, pictures of aborted babies, piercings, pvc, safety pins, satan crispies, satanism, self-harm, serial killers, sex, sexuality, shinya must die, shrimps, sicka, simpsons, snuff, soad, squee, squid, ss, swastika, system of a down, tequila, the green, tolkien, tongue, toshiya, vinyl, visual kei, vivisection, warhammer 4000, warhammer 40k, web design, whiskey, wine, world war ii, wwii, yugular, zamora
Friends:1: hypodermic
Account type:Early Adopter

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