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User:omgxitsxsare (62523)  
Location:Bridgeport, United States
AOL IM:xO Dreamy56 Ox (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: Hi!! Well my name is Sarah.. but most people call me Sare SareBear Cassass (dont ask about that one..hehe) or any other nicknamez. I'm 13 and live in Bpt which can def. have its moments. Hmm where to start? Well, I'm a pretty outgoing person. I laugh at everything , but thats ok =) I also get very jealous easily. I get mad at the littlest things..and it bothers me. But I am what I am. I'm also over emotional, even though I never show it. I think that's one of the reasons I get mad/jealous easily, because most of the time I don't show how I feel. I hide lots of things behind my smile. But for the most part, I am happy with my life. N the good thing is..IM SiNGLE!! :-)One really big misconception about me is that I'm a stuck-up bitch, which Im anything but. Yet if you piss me off..then I can be. I'm sarcastic about.. everything, and I love it!! My life basically consists of chillin with my bffe's and doin whatever! *heehee* Erm..I've been a dancer for bout 10 years now..*shoutz to my girls at DW* Ohk im done boring you!!
Interests:92: aol, baby blue, baths, boys, bubble gum, bubbles, bunnies, candles, chocolate, clothes, clouds, cotton candy, cuddlinq!, curly hair, dancinq, dreaminq, drivinq, flip flops, flirtinq!, football players!, french fries, fridays, friends!, fun, hearts *, horror movies, hot tubs, huqs, journals, kisses!, lip qloss, lollie pops!, lotion, love, m&ms, makeup, mall, money, movies, mtv, music, nail polish, new york, nice hair, niqht, notes, parties, phone, pictures, piink, pillows, pixy stix, popsicles, puppies, qiqqlinq!, qlitter, quotes, r&b, rain, rap, real world, reeses cups, rinqs, road rules, sandals, save the last dance, shoes, shoppinq!, silver, skittles, sleepinq, smilinq, snow, spongebob*, stars*, storms, strawberries, summer, suqar!, surveys, swimminq, swinqs, talkinq, tanninq, the beach!, thunder, thunder storms, water, weekends, whiip cream, wishinq, xoxo!
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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