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Below is user information for Olive Mcgrath* <3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:olivekopp1976 (893212)  
Name:Olive Mcgrath* <3
Bio:my best friend in the whole world is amber and sarah. (love you Girlies) :)

I love this wonderful boy. his name is Megz Lad.:-^, love yah boo.

Interests:73: 1 2 step, 409 all purpose cleaner, 98 hour raves, albino hippies, all violin bands, american idol, avril, avril lavigne, big foot, boyz*, butches, cat women, cats, cellular phones, celly's, chain smoking, choreographing dances, church, clubbin, dancing in general, dv, dv's, emo, fubu, gangs, gats, gay straight alliance, good charlotte, grinding, gsa, gypsies, indie, j to tha lo, jaki?, jesus, jk lol, jltz, jmpl, jukin, kelis, kelly clarkson, kissy boots, kyle thomas*, lesbian hair cuts, lochness monster, mc hammer, megz lad, mrs. reiboldt, mullets, musicals, nuclear warfare, nuclear weapons, old cat women, pan-asian cuisine, photography, poetry, por favor?, prince charles and kevin, punk, scent of old women, sir elton, skankin, skanking, spy kids, tandem pair-a-sailing, tandem pair-a-sailing with presidents, the oc, the reib's, the spice girls, the surreal life, thrift shopping, trampy girls, will smith
Friends:1: poetry
Account type:Free User

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