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Below is information about the "old school tv like whoa" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:oldschool_tevee (12168)  
Name:old school tv like whoa
About:Well, this is quite obviously for all the old TV shows you know and love. Feel free to post about whatever having to do with all these old shows. Icons, wallpapers, quizzes (just put a reply to the initial quiz post so you don't clutter up the uhm friends list 'n such for people, they can be quite bitchy about this).

And above all else - have fun and don't flame people! And if you try to say Spongebob is oldschool I might have to ban you. >.>

My blurty-ness... strikeaspark :]

Interests:138: 21 jump street, 70's, 80s, 90's, 90210, a different world, ahhh! real monsters, airplane!, alex mack, alf, alice, all that, angry beavers, animaniacs, back to the future, batman, beetlejuice, blossom, cabbage patch kids, captain planet, care bears, charles in charge, childhood, chip 'n dale, clarissa explains it all, count duckula, danger mouse, david the gnome, disney, double dare, doug, duck tales, dungeons and dragons, eureka's castle, facts of life, family matters, family ties, ferris bueller's day off, fifteen, figure it out, fraggle rock, full house, ghost writer, ghostbusters, gi joe, glo-worms, global guts, grimms fairytales, growing pains, gumby, gummi bears, happy days, he-man, head of the class, heathcliff, hey arnold, hey dude, i love lucy, indiana jones, inspector gadget, invader zim, jelly shoes, jem, kenan & kel, lavern and shirley, little bits, little prince, maxine, maya the bee, mork & mindy, ms pac man, muppet babies, my brother and me, my little pony, my two dads, mysterious cities of gold, nick arcade, nick at night, nickelodeon guts, night court, noozles, ocean girl, old board games, old cartoons, old mtv, old school, old shows, old tv, pac man, perfect strangers, pete and pete, pinwheel, popples, power rangers, pretty in pink, punky brewster, rainbow brite, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, roundhouse, salute your shorts, saved by the bell, she-ra, shelby woo, smurfs, snick, spartakus, star wars, stick stickly, strawberry shortcake, tale spin, taxi, that girl, the a-team, the golden girls, the goonies, the karate kid, the little koala, the littles, the wizard kid, the wonder years, theme songs, thundercats, tiny toons, today's special, tomorrow people, top secret!, transformers, under the umbrella tree, webster, welcome freshmen, what would you do, who's the boss, wienerville, wild and crazy kids, willy wonka, wonder woman, x-men
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